5-year-old  in Utah pulled over by highway patrol
5-year-old in Utah pulled over by highway patrol

OGDEN, UTAH — A five-year-old was pulled over by highway patrol while he was on his way to California to buy himself a Lamborghini.

A five-year-old Utah kid threw, potentially, the most dramatic and, at the same time, impressive tantrum ever.

He drove his parents' car onto the highway and planned to drive himself to California.


Well, cause that's what you do when your parents don't want to buy you a Lambo.


You heard that right.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the story starts when the kid had asked his parents for the thing all 5-year-olds want, a Lamborghini.

Welp, let's just say that mom was not too keen on the idea.

So mini-Toretto decided that with or without mom's permission, he would go ahead and fulfill his dream.

So, naturally, the kid somehow got in the family car and drove himself onto Interstate 15.

His plan kinda fell through very quickly because soon after he hit the road he was stopped by highway patrol trooper Rick Morgan after he spotted the kiddo zigzagging across the road at 30 miles per hour.

Now imagine watching a driver you stop roll down their window only to find a child sitting in the driver's seat.

The kid told the officer he had left home after quarreling with mom and was headed to Cali to get himself a Lambo, he had the money for it too — three dollars to be exact.

Good news is, no one was hurt in the kid's brave quest for a Lamborghini.

Apparently, the little dude was left under the not-so-careful observation of his siblings.

Clearly that didn't work.