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Friday, January 22, 2021

cs 10 am cristabol

Credit: KADN
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cs 10 am cristabol
cs 10 am cristabol
cs 10 am cristabol

As we wait for landfall......our coastal cities are expected to see more of tropical storm cristobal....news1's cassie schirm joins us live at cypremort port, cassie, wha's it looking like at there?

Well alex taylor the waters are looking pretty choppy out here at cypremort point.

And the wind is picking up a little bit w're kind of in the calm before the storm where we are seeing some blue skies above us with lots of clouds in the on friday and saturday this whole area was packed with people trying to get some last minute fishing before the storm.

But w're not seeing any out fishing today and not really expecting to.

One of the fisherman i spoke to on friday he says i's really important when yo're living on the coast to keep up-to-date on the weather and not take chances.

We have crews around louisiana coastal cities as we wait for


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