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Monday, June 21, 2021

Goodwill Halloween 102020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Goodwill Halloween 102020
Goodwill Halloween 102020

Lyssa High visits Goodwill Industries on New Circle Road in Lexington and talks with Ben Hayden, the Community Engagement Coordinator, about how they are getting ready for Halloween and a costume contest.

The upper 70s ... divorce rain showers return headings of the weekend along c1 3 lyssa-host: hey guys, we are here at goodwill industries right here on new circle road and i'm here with my friend, ben hayden.

He is the community engagement coordinator.

Ben, thank you so much for having us.

Ben: we're always so glad to have you here, lyssa.

Lyssa-host: well, we love coming here.

You know i love shopping here.

Ben: absolutely.

Lyssa-host: and we're going to be talking about halloween.

You guys have a big halloween reveal that's happening right now.

Let's talk about that.

Ben: yeah.

All of our 66 stores across kentucky, they put a bunch of the halloween costumes and fall decorations throughout the year so that in the end of september, beginning of october, all of our stores could put on all the halloween stuff at once because people aren't probably buying halloween costumes in the middle of summer.

We want to let everybody throughout october, as they're getting ready for halloween, come in and shop all of their halloween costumes.

And it's not just your halloween costumes that you can find on your shelf.

It's the ones that people can come in and get creative.

And those artsy type people can come in and find all the cool stuff from their thrift shop.

Super great deals on those costumes that they can put together.

And we love seeing what people do with those things from goodwill.

Lyssa-host: i love that.

I love being able to be very creative and come up with ideas and finding the pieces and parts at goodwill and it's so much fun.

It really is.

Now let's talk about too, you all speaking of creativity, you all have a costume contest also going on.

Ben: yes.

It's one of our biggest contests throughout the year.

Throughout the year, we're always having little contests on our social media and our facebook page, but we have a big halloween costume contest.

People can go online to loween, submit their pictures and then at the end of the month, we'll put all those pictures up on our facebook page and people can vote on them and we give a $100 gift certificate to goodwill for the winner of the contest.

Lyssa-host: that's awesome.

Ben: it's huge and you can buy all the clothes you want for a $100 with that.

Lyssa-host: i love it.

Ben: it's so exciting.

We love seeing all the creativity of people with those costumes.

Lyssa-host: oh, that's fantastic.

Okay, is there an age limit on this?

Ben: no age limit.

You can do it.


Lyssa-host: i can.


I'm so excited.

And you know what, ben?

I've found the perfect halloween costume for you.

Ben: and i found the perfect halloween costume for you.

Lyssa-host: oh no.



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