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Friday, June 25, 2021

Trailing Biden, Trump ramps up rallies

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Trailing Biden, Trump ramps up rallies
Trailing Biden, Trump ramps up rallies

[NFA] U.S. President Donald Trump is taking his campaign on the offense, holding a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday despite polls showing the state leaning significantly toward Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

This report produced by Zachary Goelman.

U.S. President Donald Trump went on the offensive in New Hampshire on Sunday.

It's a state Trump lost in 2016, and most polls give Democratic challenger Joe Biden a comfortable lead here.

"Sleepy Joe Biden doesn't care about New Hampshire, I saw that.

He left this state before the primary was even over.

He abandoned you." But with the clock running down ahead of the November 3 election, the Republican president is storming his way through a number of states in a late push to make up ground against Biden, who leads in national opinion polls.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos survey shows Biden leads Trump by 8 percentage points nationally: 51% of likely voters say they are backing the Democratic challenger while 43% are voting for the president.

Biden also is ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan, but the race appears to be much closer in other battleground states including Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.

The president has embraced a breakneck campaign schedule in hopes of closing the gap.

After voting in his home state of Florida on Saturday, Trump raced through rallies in three states: North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

He's suggested he might hold as many as five rallies a day in the final stretch before the election.

In contrast, Joe Biden made two campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Saturday, and on Sunday made his regular trip to church.

In New Hampshire, Trump again cast doubt on the integrity of the upcoming vote.

He suggested without evidence that officials in Pennsylvania could tamper with the outcome.

"They have their ballots and they have a long time to count the ballots.

A lot of bad things will happen during that period of time.

Terrible things will happen.

Crooked, dishonest things." A Reuters poll found that a majority of Americans - 79% - said they will accept the outcome of the election, even if their preferred candidate loses the contest.

But significant minorities - one in five Biden supporters, and one-in-six Trump supporters - said they would protest or take other action if the other candidate won.