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Sunday, January 17, 2021

'It feels amazing,' MLB's first female GM

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'It feels amazing,' MLB's first female GM
'It feels amazing,' MLB's first female GM

[NFA] Kim Ng, the first female general manager in the MLB, says her historic appointment feels 'amazing', but she also feel the pressure to perform.

Emma Jehle has more.

Miami Marlins General Manager Kim Ng, the first woman to hold the post in Major League Baseball, is feeling the pressure to perform.

“Now, you know, before I got the job, it feels like this 10,000-pound weight went from the left shoulder and now that I've got the job, it's now transferred to the right shoulder because whatever I do, I've just got to do it well.” Ng has worked as an executive in the MLB Commissioner’s Office since 2011 as senior vice president of baseball operations, having first broken into the MLB as an intern in 1990.

She previously served as an assistant general manager for the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers.

In addition to being the first female general manager in the MLB, Ng is also the first person of East Asian decent to hold the title.

“It feels amazing.

It's just a symbol for so many women who are out there just trying to, you know, work their way up to the top, make their way up to the next level.

All I can say is that I'm happy it's happened, and I look forward to running the Marlins, hopefully to a championship.” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred commended the selection, saying: “Kim’s appointment makes history in all of professional sports and sets a significant example for the millions of women and girls who love baseball and softball.” In a news conference Monday at Marlins Park, Ng had this to say to women: “You know, the one piece of advice I would have is, tell people what you think.

I don’t think I was ever hired to nod and play along.

You’re hired for your opinions; those are things that matter.

You can bring all the right people to the table, but if they’re not talking, you know, if those diverse perspectives are not talking, you don’t have much of anything.”


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