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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What you need to know: Nov. 18

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What you need to know: Nov. 18
What you need to know: Nov. 18

Good morning, North State.

Here's what you need to know to start your day on Nov.


Cases from the past 2 days..

Making now 35- hundred total cases in that county... shasta county now has a test positivity rate higher than the state average... with a daily cases counting 41.8 per 100- thousand people.### this mornign crews are battling a wind driven fire has damaged or destroyed 20 structures in lassen county.

Cal fire says the 'laura fire' started around noon tuesday in the community of doyle, south of susanville.

It has burned through 500 acres, and promtped some evacuations in the community of doyle.## happening today- a workshop to discuss proposed park marina corridor project in redding.

The goal is to improve and increase public transportation access within the area, improve traffic flow... and enhnace the quality of life.

The virtual zoom meeting runs from 4:30 to 6 p-m.

To sign up and find more information, visit action news now dot com slash links.

The trump administration has announced the withdrawals of a large number of u.s. troops from iraq and afghanistan --by january 15th.

That is just five days before president-elect joe biden is set to take office.

Senior military officers criticized the move... instead argued for a slower, more calculated pullout of the regions.### drug maker pfizer - says its vaccine candidate has a 95 percent effectiveness..

Up 5% from last week this morning.... pfizer reps say--- "within days'--- they will submit the vaccine candidate for regulatory approval.

The companies say they expect to produce up to 50 million doses this year... and over a billion doses by the end of next year.

Tuesday the food and drug administration authorized an at- home rapid corona virus test.

The all in one kit is available by prescription.

It uses technology to search for genetic signs of the virus.

The testing unit displays your color indicted results when you placing a nasal swab inside..### you're never more than 10 minutes