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Sunday, February 28, 2021

ANCHOR: Sat 11 pm Nov 21 a block

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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ANCHOR: Sat 11 pm Nov 21 a block
ANCHOR: Sat 11 pm Nov 21 a block
ANCHOR: Sat 11 pm Nov 21

Open good evening everyone thanks for joining us tonight.

I'm monica harkins we begin tonight with a developing story lexington police say a driver might have been dead before he was found in a car crash friday morning...and it's now investigating a homicide.

L3: developing news white police investigating deadly crash as homicide winchester rd.

- lexington police were called about an s-u-v found overturned in a ditch off winchester road and midland avenue at around 7:45 friday morning.

According to the fayette county coroner's office on friday... it appeared the driver crashed into a concrete drainage culvert.... flipping his s-u-v.

Now police say the 37-year-old man also had gunshot wounds..

The man has not yet been identified.

Anyone with any information about what led to his death is asked to contact lexington police.

Also a story continuning to develop....the family of missing nelson county woman crystal rogers... still doesn't have closure... after the f-b-i announces human remains found in july are not hers.

L3: abc 36 update white fbi: remains not crystal rogers washington/nelson county this of course big news in the true crime world....crystal rogers' story drawing national attention.

The remains were found close to the washington and nelson county line.

The f-b-i says d-n-a testing on the remain determined they were not rogers... but they were not able to determine who'se remains were found.yes the 35-year-old mother of five went missing 20-15.

The f-b-i took over the investigation after the remains were found.

They say they will continue to head up the investigation.

Now to our continued coronavirus coverage to keep you and your family informed during this pandemic.

Fs vo bullets:no coronavirus in kentucky source: office of the governor new cases: 3,711 currently hosp ... governor beshear urges kentuckians to follow the new covid-19 restrictions as 3,711 new cases are reported saturday.

He says helping slow the virus is not only to keep each other safe but also to hopefully not overwhelm hospitals.

According to the governor...there's currently 1,514 kentuckians battling for their lives in the hospital.

Governor beshear reporting 21 new deaths related to the virus.

The state's positivity rate continues to stay above nine-percent.

### lexington's covid-19 victims are now memorialized with a candle window display on main street downtown.

Each day the candle display will represent the number of fayette county residents who have died from the virus.

As of friday the display shows 109.

Earlier in the afternoon, mayor linda gorton gathered with a group of faith leaders who prayed over the new memorial calling for peace for those grieving.

There's also an online can submit words of consolation to an online forum.

The information on how to submit is our website wtvq dot com.

### l3: solid blue report white <none> #1 alabama 63 final l3: solid blue report white mark stoops uk football head coach l3: solid blue report white cats lose to tide, 63-3 fifth worse loss in school history coming into this weekend..

The challenge was already tough..

On the road against number 1 alabama.

Then late friday night..

And early morning..

Reports came out that kentucky could be down as many as 16 guys.

The number turned out to be 10.

Certainly a recipe for a rough watch..

But fans probably didn't expect this result.

Early action..

Cats looking good..

Josh ali takes the jet sweep..

All the way inside the 20.

Uk would settle for 3.

Then the wheels would fall off.

With a chance to cut it bama lead to one..

Bad snap on a would be 24 yard field..

Turns into bama ball at midfield.

Tide taking quick advantage..

Former uk commit mac jones..

Buying time..

And then slinging it c1 3 into the endzone to devonta smith.

That would make it 14-6.


It's najae harris on the hand-off..

Cuts up field..

Splits two defenders and he'll take it 42 yards for the score.

Bama crushes kentucky today..


It's the fifth worse loss in uk history.

Here's mark stoops after the game.

Now coming up later in sports..

Hear from josh pascal on playing short-handed.

A student earning a medical degree from lexington's medquest campus thought she was just getting extra practice when she scanned a friend at the school...but what she found ended up likely saving his life.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine brings us the heartwarming story.

####### chris ward: "i am 100 percent grateful for this student that's beside me.

Well, virtually beside me!

Chris alumni....and at the time an employee of medquest college in lexington... meanwhile..jessica begley is studying to be a sonographer at medquest...and often scans friends and family for practice jessica begley: "i needed a new body to scan, so i went up front in our building to talk to our admission officers."

Ward says he jumped at the opportunity.

Chris: "i was like 'im gonna get scanned by these sonography students.

This is cool.'

Butted "it's kinda ironic that the one time i do, it leads me to the er."

When begley scanned his heart...she says she found his ventricle was significantly enlarged...and his aorta was abnormally other words...something was seriously wrong with his heart.

Jessica: "it was definitely a little scary because you see things through your text book and the time that you're at school and you hear about things, but you don't usually see those things in scan lab."

Begley talked to her instruar again...and took his blood pressure...which was very high.

Ward was rushed to u-k hospital... chris: "they were teling me at uk, they were like, yould have had a stroke."

Or even worse.

Ward says he had flair ups in the past...but it wasn't serious.

Now he wants everyone to pay attention to their heart matter how good they feel.

Chris: "if i don't feel bad i think 'oh i'm healthy.

I'm fine.'

Know your family history and if you're ever offered to get scanned do it."

It might just save your life... in lexington...bobbi 36 news.

###### a new coop is trying to help keep delivery services for restaurants local.

It's called 'delivery co-op.'

It elimates a third- party like...uber eats...and offers a full-time job with benefits to people out of work in the service industry.

It's also developing a delivery bot...that will help the driver with temperature controlled service.

The app is working with ouita michel's restaurants zim's cafe and honeywood right now as a trial...but is planning on expanding to several independentally owned restaurants, michel says the app wasn't her idea but she's grateful for the creators for wanting to protect lexington restaurants like hers.

L3: abc 36 weekend edition white chef ouita michel restaurateur "chef ouita michel: "because we're the handshake of our community, lexington's got an incredible food community.

So, i think the food delivery co-op if we can get it ramped up quick enough to help people in early 2021 and hopefully by the first quarter it could really make a difference."

The app is up and running now.

Lexington's oldest bar..chevy chase inn is also getting creative to help boost income for its employees.

One of the owners kevin heathcoat posting on social media the bar is doing a raffle where the proceeds raised go directly to its bartenders... heathcoat says the bar will scratch by this winter but it wants to make sure the bartenders have money in their pocket for the holidays.

He told me there's already about a thousand dollars raised..

The raffle tickets are $10 an entry and the prize...a turkey and a bottle of wild turkey ends sunday at midnight so just over a day to enter.

### it's that time of year for toy drives...and you can't forget the shelter puppies...bluegrass bully rescue is collecting toys for its rescue dogs.

The group says it especially needs toys for adult dogs now considering many are in inside with colder weather.

### the kidney health alliance of kentucky kicked off it's annual trees of life event saturday.

The program of course looking a little different this year to abid by covid-19 restrictions.

It held a "magical tree lot" this afternoon where people could buy decorated trees with purchases going towards the nonprofit's various programs. if you didn't make it out this's not too late the silent auction for the remaining trees opens sunday.

### several lexington radio stations joined together for its annual "hope for the holidays" food and toy drive.

It wrapped up this evening the group was set up in lexington green shopping center friday and saturday collecting non-perishable food donations benefitting god's food pantry and toys going to "firefighter toy drive" and the salvation army.

Program director for hot 102-5 told me there was even a thousand dollar donation given to god's pantry.

### for more on any of these fundraisers head to our website wtvq dot com.

### it's close to the holidays...and cedarhurst of beamont assisted living in lexington says it's around this time that families get together and talk about how to care for their loved ones.

Cedarhurst says it's one of the first to offer ....a transition for moving in.

A loved one can help with the transition by living with the new resident for a few weeks.

This would be during their required isolation period.

Phyllis young has lived at cedarhurst for 3 years...she says she continues to feel safe despite the pandemic... "i feel like we're all family.

I'm never lonely.

There's just a whole building on people wanting to talk to you!"

The facility says about six families have taken advantage of the new transition program in the last few weeks.

### coming's the first weekend of governor beshear's new covid-19 restrictions... and for some that likely meant telling some friends and family they were officially un-invited

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