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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Former Springfield cop, accused of misconduct, admitted to state bar

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Former Springfield cop, accused of misconduct, admitted to state bar
Former Springfield cop, accused of misconduct, admitted to state bar
The court granted Neil Halttunen, 51, conditional admission to the state bar.

News, new york.

A former springfield police officer has been granted the right to practice law -- under certain conditions.

This comes after being accused of using his badge for sex.

Now he has the chance to become a lawyer.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy breaks this down for us.

The oregon board of bar examiners had originally denied 51-year old neil halttunen's application to the bar -- back in february of this year.

Authorities say halttunen had sexual interactions with*nine women he met on duty as a police officer.

Numerous accusers have come forward over the years -- one saying he came into a strip bar in springfield on duty*more than what was needed for police business.

And records show he admitted to a counselor that he*did use his position to get in contact with many of them.

Halttunen said it was all consensual and appealed their decision to the oregon supreme court and as of thursday has been granted admission to the bar -- under certain conditions.

His attorney, david elkanich, told us saturday that his client is thrilled about the new ruling.

(quote on screen) and in halttunen's own words-- he says quote: "having gone through that experience of letting people down and shaming myself, i looked in the mirror how i was, and i dont want to be that person anymore.

I dont view women or sex in the same way i used to."

Bridge: 6 bridge: in this ruling the oregon supreme court's made very clear that there are conditions to halttunen's admission to the state bar-- including who he can and can't have sex with.

He is required to attend at least monthly mental health counseling for two year at his own cost.

He must take part in close monitoring by the state bar committee.

And he can't have sex with current or former clients.

(fullscreen showing) as you can see, halttunen has worked for several law enforcement agencies -- as a military police officer -- then with the lane county sheriff's office, the roseburg police department and also springfield.

That's where he resigned in 2012 under an agreement that the springfield police department would close the investigation.

Reporting in lane county kennedy dendy

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