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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Salvation Army Helping during the Holiday Season

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Salvation Army Helping during the Holiday Season
Salvation Army Helping during the Holiday Season
How the Salvation Army helped others during the holiday season.

Learning more about how the salvation army has helped thousands of people right here in our community over the holiday season and how we can help them ... moving forward in the coming months and joining us now as major mark smith high major smith ... will.

How are you doing well thank you for joining us ... major smith you have helped so many people right here ... in the tennessee valley tell us more about the angel tree ... grant ... and how many you actually help the ... police children and seniors thi year ... to ensure we ... reopen over 5000 angel sure ... is the ... that is amazing tell us a littl bit about some of the recipients ... of the smiles on 70 ... spaces right here in the tennessee valley ... we all ... refer solely to target narrowin to all from the seniors who receive all ... the box includes the markets and that all ... you roll ... to the children who ... were thinking were going to christmas but actually got your all is just ... usual juror all ... culture ... and with so many people that received donations this year ... you were going through the pandemic a lot of people lost ... many in our community were able to help out ... you know actually true i look ... back and ensure that all the challenge ... the person ... it was soon we were a little ... so many people ... with less the all the resources the community really stepped off the ... people who all want to go, so i is ... just it's been a challenge in your i found ... the community are very generous with under her.

Absolutely ... absolutely they are just that, let's talk a little bit about 2021 and what the salvation arm does moving forward ... are so many still right here in our community ... we know we figure for 27 years oracle then will we have to do is we would get the virtual from his pandemic to and from 2020 emerge stronger and we learned a lot of lessons learned how to all help people during these times and in different ways to recover ... to or sold ... i believe we were married was then working to carry through o just the way we assist people on to make more convenient more using ... all ... in growing the stretch ... on most of the dollars ... will or ... absolutely no you had afterschool programs you had tutoring for children over the years and also ... to provide shelter and meals for so many families that's why it's so ... for people in our community to donate major smith ... how can they do that ... bouygues u.s. army.or she is only to work ... you during their ... thank you so much for joining u and giving us an update on the angel tree program is such a si ... test this year with such a privilege to be a part of it ... and were learning more about how the salvation army has ... is helping so many more ... not even during the holiday season throughout the year ... the thank you for what you're doing for our community ... think you can go 12 will help you.

I saw your message on ... it even hope for some reason resource we ... are so much absolutely stay with us


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