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Friday, March 5, 2021

Fallout & Reaction From Riots on Capitol Hill

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Fallout & Reaction From Riots on Capitol Hill
Fallout & Reaction From Riots on Capitol Hill
Fallout & Reaction From Riots on Capitol Hill

Any forms of violence.... winnecke said on wedneday quote -- "i join millions of americans across the nation in condemning the abhorrent actions taking place in washington, d.c."

As we reported tuesday - three hoosier republican lawmakers were planning on objecting election results.

But on the other side of the aisle -- former indiana -- democratic- senator joe donnelly - pointed to the constitution...w hen asked about his thoughts on certification.

"joe biden won by 7 million plus votes, over 70 electoral votes.

And for point of reference, back in 2016, donald trump, electoral college wise, won by the same amount as joe biden did in this.

And i was in the senate at the time and this was just a pro forma vote that the electoral votes come in, they're counted, and you affirm them.

So, this is really dangerous to the constitution of our country."

Senator todd young - has not stated his position - while governor eric holcomb said quote -- "it's up to them - to do what they do".

While the chaos was unfolding on wednesday -- questions surrounding the motives of those rushing into the capitol remain unanswered.

We know four people died during the chaos.

Police say a woman was shot and three other people died from medical emergencies.

In all -- 52 people were arrested.

Some say the intention was to have a peaceful protest and support the objection to the electoral college vote.

After things started to turn violent -- some who came out to protest the election say they had to take a step back.

"they're just trying to egg everybody on.

And those are the people that we do not need with us, because they make me look bad.

With them going up they're just destroying everything that we're trying to do.

We're trying to show everyone we're compassionate about america right now.

Everyone that's leaving right now they're not supporting this, because this is bullcrap.

This is like the opposite of what we wanted."

Protesters who did not engage in violence -- say they too are frustrated with the election results -- but would rather see a plan of action....


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