Body Swap movie (2021) -  Ella Jordan, Jimmy Kustes
Body Swap movie (2021) - Ella Jordan, Jimmy Kustes

Body Swap movie trailer HD (2021) - Plot synopsis: A romantic comedy where a career-driven business woman and a laid-back slacker meet and...swap bodies?

CJ (played by Ella Jordan) works for a large corporation.

Casey (Jimmy Kustes) is an unemployed and lives with his brother Roy (Gunner Willis).

During a job interview, a mishap causes them to Body Swap.

Now they must pretend to be each other.

He must contend with her work frienemy Lisa (Kayte Giralt) and navigate the biggest deal in her company's history while she has to court a girl (Erica Manni) Casey has a crush on.

They both must find out the true meaning of love: loving yourself, improving the other person, and two people becoming one.

Quite literally.

Director Tim Morton Writers Jimmy Kustes Actors Ella Jordan, Jimmy Kustes, Gunner Willis, Kayte Giralt, Erica Manni, Brandon Shell, Ariel D.

King, Allie Hail, Edward Kaihatsu, Kayla Gibson Genre Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction Run Time 1 hour 12 minutes