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Friday, March 5, 2021


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About covid-19 pneumonia and why doctors say its different.

And find out how local cities honored dr. martin luther king today those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

"news 12 at 6.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm john mercer.

And i'm emily cassulo.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 6.

Covid 19 can lead to a variety of deadly complications including a very dangerous form of pneumonia.

News 12 brian armstrong shows us how it differs from typical pneumonia.

We spoke to a medical expert who wants to make sure you know this isn't your typical pneumonia.

Covid pneumonia is not bacterial ... which as i found out... makes it much harder to fight.

The popular slang going around and in some of the scientific journals is describing it like a wildfire.

Covid pneumonia comes from the covid-19 disease.

The viral pneumonia widespread information, leaky cells in your lungs, it attacks your lungs, and there's an overwhelming immune or inflammatory response to attack the virus.

Covid pneumonia is viral and antibiotics do nothing as compared to a common case of pneumonia, which is bacterial.

Viral diseases, we don't really have any good therapy treatments for them, certainly virus is much different than any other virus ever experienced.

Covid-19 pneumonia spreads like many "wildfires" throughout the lungs.

We'll see people tend to get better after the first 14 days and then all of a sudden they turn for the worse.

Develop overwhelming information and have what you describe as covid pneumonia.

Dr czarnecki says covid pneumonia takes over your cells.

Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus or operations and produce more virus with your own cells.

It's very hard to eliminate that or attack your own selves when they've already been taken over.

He says there are not many viral treatments, particularly with this disease, which is where vaccines come into play.

You shouldn't feel safe and confident that the mra vaccination is 95% effective at preventing covid-19 disease.

You will not die if you are appropriately vaccinated.

Now we did reach out to people who have been impacted by covid pneumonia... but due to the nature of the disease... they wished not to speak.

Brian armstrong news 12 now chattanooga man chris ramsey is being remembered as community champion.

Ramsey recently died after contracting covid.

He was a big part in the minority health fair.

Over the summer, he was giving covid testing for black and brown communities.

Mt canaan baptist church pastor dr. ternae jordan knew him for over 30 years.

He says ramsey was a mentor, leader and had been a great athlete.

"there is no question that chris ramsey had left a tremendous legacy here in the city of chattanooga.

He has touched so many lives yet mentored so many people and i'm just praying that he has touched, impact would take up the tourch, take up the mantle that chris has left us all."

John p.

Franklin funeral home is handing funeral arrangements.

The irs warns of a new wave of covid-19 scams. crooks want to steal your stimulus money.

Be on the lookout for: text messages about stimulus checks that ask for bank account information.

Deceptive, coronavirus- themed emails or letters and social media messages that are used to obtain personal information.

"the irs is not going to email you, they're not going to text you and they're not going to call you and say hey give me your bank account information.

That's a scammer looking to steal your money."

If you think you may have come across a scam report it to the national center for disaster fraud.

The georgia department of public health is asking for help from medical professionals and others looking to assist with the covid-19 vaccination response.

"georgia responds" matches the skills and credentials of medical and nonmedical volunteers to help with vaccine distribution.

Licensed medical volunteers like doctors, nurses, and advanced e- m-s personnel may be used to administer vaccines.

Nonmedical volunteers can play administrative roles like registering folks for vaccinations and data input.

To volunteer, visit the "georgia responds" page on the department of public health website and click on the "register now" box.

Investigators are working a heartbreaking animal hoarding case in grundy county.

They came across hundreds of dogs in horrific conditions.

We want to want you that some of these images may be graphic.

Several organizations including the sheriff's office have removed more than 200 dogs from the property.

Many of the dogs were said to be neglected, pregnant and received no medical care before being rescued.

Because of legal issues, it took years for organizations to rescue these animals.

Sadly, cases like this happen more often than you think, "i think it's fairly common all across the state and actually in the south in general.

I know for grundy county specifically we do not have animal control or a shelter.

Dogs of borrowed time is the only rescue based in grundy and were a very small one.

So there's only so much we can do in cases like this where it's a massive amount of dogs."

The dogs are being transferred to shelters continuing coverage now of a shooting that happened last night.

According to c-p-d, one man was found on 6th avenue suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound.

Investigators believe the shooting actually happened on clio avenue.

Police say that the 27 year old victim was transported by ems to a local hospital.

If you have any information about this shooting contact chattanooga police.

Whether it's virtual or in person, celebrations are taking place around our nation to honor dr. martin luther ling jr. the bradley county community gathered for their second annual m-l-k march on the streets of cleveland, tennessee.

News 12's winston reed was there.

"i would simply like to say that i think this has been one of the great days of america."

One of the most polarizing figures of the civil rights movement dr. martin luther king jr. goes down in history as a leader who orchestrated many peaceful protest as well as the civil rights act of 1964.

On january 6th, protesters stormed the us capitol.

Some allegedly damaging government property while altercations flared with law enforcement.

"mlk is a very important figure to me.

Personally i think he's one of the greatest americans to ever live.

All his methods of protest and all of the change he's made were exactly how it should be handled."

Today, like many parts of the country, cleveland tennessee celebrated martin luther king day by marching the streets of their downtown area.

"it's just super cool to see how many people ended up coming out to be a part of it and it's really encouraging that it's peaceful especially since the nature of a lot of these protest has been opposite."

While dr. king's impact is undeniable, many believe there is more progress to be made.

Capitol protest nat pop "i'm out here because of what martin luther king has stood for all of my life - i was born in 1960-and i'm also here for what's going on right now in our country with the things that are happening at the capitol building."

President of the naacp in bradley county lawrence armstrong says unity events like this non existent in years past.

"i've watched us acknowledge this day as a holiday, especially for our local school districts."

The march is just the second annual event hosted by cleveland state community college.

Willie thomas says every generation should be educated on the history of mlk.

"there's stories that the younger generations may not identify with or understand but having both stand here today i think it's representation that while we have come a long way we still have a long way to go."

Reporting in bradley county winston reed news 12 now.

Chattanooga is still providing the community a chance to honor doctor martin luther king despite covid-19.

Offices of multicultural affairs from the city and u-t-c held their annual martin luther king jr. day of service virtually today.

The berke administration launched the effort in 2014 to encourage folks to come together and work on community-centric projects.

Day of service looks and feels quite a bit different than previous years.

Ordinarily right now i'll be out with you in the chilly weather, cleaning up an empty lot, doing repairs to a childcare center, feeding members of our community who are experiencing homelessness, or doing an art project to beautify one of our neighborhoods.

Projects have included clean up at the historic beck knob cemetery and painting at local childcare centers.

Security is incredibly tight throughout washington, two days before president-elect joe biden's inauguration.

A false alarm over a fire near the capitol triggered a brief lockdown this morning as tensions remain high.

Cbs news correspondent natalie brand reports on the preparations for wednesday's events from washington.

Track 1: the capitol complex went on temporary lockdown.and an inauguration rehearsal was evacuated.

It turned out to be a small fire under a nearby highway .but the scare illustrates the heightened state of security in washington d-c.

Law enforcement and national guard troops from states across the country are still arriving at the nation's capitol, ahead of wednesday's inauguration.

President-elect biden will take the oath of office, outside on the west front.despite the continued security threats in the wake of this month's attack on the capitol.

Sot: "so what we wanted to do is preserve the images people are used to when it comes to seeing a peaceful transfer of power."

Standup: "but access to the public is limited, between the security concerns and the pandemic.

Even 20 thousand plus troops that are coming here to help stand guard must undergo screening."

Track 2: the national guard says if there's any indication of extremist would be handed over to law enforcement or handled within the chain of command.

More than 20 current or former members of the u-s military or law enforcement have been identified as being at or near the riot on january 6th.

Jim mcdonnell is the former la county sheriff.

Sot: "this is a very important day in american history and we have an obligation that it is as safe as possible for everybody.

Not only in dc across the united states as well."

Nats of biden track 3: less than 48 hours before he's set to be sworn inpresident-elect biden visited a food bank in philadelphia in honor of martin luther king jr day..packing boxes on this day of service.

Natalie brand, cbs news, washington.

N patrick core as he will always wideout there were one that you as a column that skies were clear one to show you beautiful look from the point at 153 out to the western skyline over the eastern brown lookout mountain the sun is set to notice the daylight hours getting just a little bit longer and i'll continue as we had bathroom midwinter as right now were at 49 relative humidity i dry 36% the southwesterly breeze site radar dry clouds allowed to our west temperatures are cooling down to once again with the clear skies and light winds will cool down pretty quickly artie 41 murphy 43 dunlap 41 traces that he still some upper 40s and some of the a valley areas but our future castle show i'm becoming a partly cloudy after midnight as a few plows will stream on him but no harm no foul as i temperatures on the chilly side but not overly cold will fall into the 30s before midnight but that we will have some changes ahead over the next seven days want to go and show your work to forecaster they see a couple renegade showers tomorrow afternoon but later on looks like a good time maybe to reduce the fishing between about as you have rossi's not out there 30 33 but not bad through the day that you and john help to sell 53 at the little bit above normal take that 31 and 5 and a long way from that record low of 60 back in 1977 remember in the mid-late 70s were everybody was thinking we're going into an ice age will think that happened here's a look at our plainview outdoor camera inside a daisy everything looking good no problems out there with gorgeous shot over walden's ridge from a walden overthrew mowbray in the signal mountain everything in good shape as a weather wise i know problems out there we do have that westerly flow that continues as you see her next will a cool front that now pushing through parts of missouri couples flashing hours jefferson city for about st.

Louis that is about it everything pretty light when it comes to precipitation so good news there right now current surface map shows high-pressure down into one southern alabama and southern georgia between troy and albany georgia area see that area of low pressure cross northwestern kansas right near kansas city and there you see the trailing cool front as we had through the red river valle that's going to be pushing on him later tomorrow afternoon but with little fanfare yesterday is a good bit of clouds as we head toward morning overnight lows will fall into the lower 30s by sunset some of us may actually warm a degree or two after the afternoon to markable renegade showers of patient basically push from west to east but is not to be that bad of a day couple passing showers for the afternoon about 52 for your high and from there are regional future cast shows a shower scooting onto the south and east during skies as by early wednesday morning will be chilly but not overly cold when i can see really cold air for the next i think couple of weeks as i can be, stocked up into th north and looks like were in a, a modifier weather pattern at least with these temperatures but around 50 as we head into wednesday's long-range core cas clouds was showers though marching in on thursday to be a close call friday to now the weekend looking dry cool but not cold so should be okay to get out and stretch her legs monday and tuesday of next week though want to pay the piper with area of rain moving back in from the south and west of yours like an artist and a future cast there you see it wednesday night through thursday morning no issues and clouds will second thursday there he sees some of the showers moving back in from the south and west to continue to pass on through close call looks like a lion share this rain will stay to our south perhaps south of i 20 and then from there looks like other weekend in good shape war we do have a lot of weather stretchin from the four corners all the way to the south anisa this may plague us monday and tuesday of next week so are weather prior to getting progressive but at least that cold there's gonna stay locked up to the north for a while i'll detail more than her seven-day forecast coming up from the pb fiber-optic weather center here's a seven-day forecast tomorrow clouds will be on the increase will see if you /hours about 52 for high winds and good-looking day cool but near you with@thursday areas of showers of the close again on friday right now the weekend holding promised but looks like more rain could be in store to start next week ... hard fighting some for everybod there will come up on fridays this week's take right we look at some cool tech from this year's consumer like chronic show the you can use at home and everything washington brian is a blank square contain advanced accounts of her controversial company to the from the valley resident on the around longer than lacrosse.

When played right, it builds teamwork, toughness and it's great exercise.

We take the field with the howard hustin' tigers in tonight's... what's right with our schools.

Ricky: today we are actually ricky: today we are actually doing a second part to fall ball training, which is the on field experience.

Natural sound: ball is down ricky: what we like to do is take them into the classroom first and we give them an opportunity to see terminology on paper.

Then we like to apply what we have learned on paper to the field.

Natural sound: you had a ball in your pocket.

Christina: one of the biggest things especially when we practice, no matter what team i have been on practice is always the biggest thing that pulls you ahead of everybody else.

So i think it's important to practice.

The more you get out here the more experience you're going to have.

Natural sound: don't just aimlessly throw at the wall.

Pick a singular brick and try to hit that brick over and over again.

Ricky: a lot of times you can see it right off.

A lot of times they may get that lucky first shot.

Natural sound: oh!

Good shot!

Ricky: and then a couple more in, and you see we still have some fine tuning to do.

This is the first season ever that they will be playing.

And so it was important that we got started early so we could recruit enough that would play.

Christina: at first i didn't know what lacrosse was in the sixth grade.

But my sister played goalie and i thought i would try it out.

So i started off as defense.

Then she had an injury and so since i was the sister i volunteered to hop in since no one else wanted to.

Natural sound: anybody around that does something good or maybe they pick up a ground ball, or they make a pass or they score a goal you go like this ricky: we are still looking for funding to buy some more equipment.

And so what i have to do is make sure that the drills that we do are safe enough for us to be doing them without putting them in harms way.

Now we have gotten to the nitty- gritty though because now we need the equipment to play.

And so if you go to donors choose that is there city.

And again call in the school ask for dean jones ricky jones that right there will put me in direct contact with who you are.

And how you can best benefit us and see how we can benefit you as well.

Because i'm sure within your support you are going to want to come and see what you support it.

Natural sound: life on 3123 let's play!

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

There will be a coaching change on rocky top.

And boyd buchanan and mccallie hook up on the hardwood.

Here's rick nyman from the gatorade sports desk.

Yeah, vols football coach jeremy pruitt has been fired.

And u-t athletic director phil fulmer has resigned.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

It's definitely rocky on rocky top.

The u-t administration fired head football coach jeremy pruitt monday and basically cleaned house among the vols coaching staff after learning of significant recruiting violaitons.

The vols went 3-7 last year, and they were 16-19 during pruitt's three seasons as the head coach.

Pruitt's downfall started when the university was alerted to possible recruiting violations on november 13th.

According to u-t chancellor donde plowman, an internal investigation revelaed that many of the violations were serious.

The university decided to fire pruitt along with assistants brian niedermeyer and shelton felton, as well as seven other football staff members.

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