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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

03-18-2021 for Bri

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03-18-2021 for Bri
03-18-2021 for Bri
03-18-2021 for Brianna

Mayor kim norton about minnesota hits 500 thousand cases of covid?

"* 19 and 2 million vaccinations.

What governor walz is saying about these milestones.

Coronavirus getting a covid?

"*9 vaccine in the med city is easier than you think.

I'm kimt news three's george mallet live with what it was like to get vaccinated today!

As the dial turns in minnesota?


"* health offici raise concerns about a surge in cases.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with why doctors say you still need to be careful even if you're vaccinated.

More sunshine is expected heading into friday, and a nice warmup for the weekend.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange health officials are urging caution as they say minnesota is expected to see a surge in covid?

"*19 cases..

It comes as the state is lifting restrictions..

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from mayo clinic with how doctors are responding.


Katie ?

"* minnesota is seeing more than a 25?

"* percent increase in covid positive cases on average in the last week..

It's a trend mayo clinic says is worrisome.

Health officials are working to try and vaccinate people quickly to prevent a drastic surge ..

Mayo clinic says rochester has received 2,064 doses of the vaccine this week..

And has been receiving a more regular allocation of vaccine compared to a month ago.

However ?

"* doctor melanie swift says the vaccine's ability to stop increased infection depends on how many people are vaccinated and we're not at that level.

Continue to be cautious as you're out there.

Choose the safer option, can you dine outdoors?

Can you get take out still and take it to the park?

Can you do something other than getting in close contact with people of unknown vaccination status without masks on.

There is some positive news on the horizon ?*- minnesota is set to receive 100?

"*thousand doses a week of the johnson and johnson vaccine in april..

And since it's a one dose vaccine it could help speed up vaccinations.

Live in rochester?

"* jessica bringe thank you jessica.

To date just 12?

"* percent of the total u?

"*s population has been fully vaccinated.

So what is it like when you get vaccinated?

Turns out it is pretty simple.

In fact, here in rochester, it is exceedingly efficient, kimt news 3's george mallet got his first dose early this morning and joins me now to share his experience.

Coronavirus and katie?


"*?* used the perfect word to describe what i witnessed this morning.

They are a well?

"* oiled machine at mayo clinic.

I was in and out inside of 20 minutes.

The people who greet you?




"* those who in?



"* the nurses who administering the vaccines?

"**- everybody is prepared to allay your fears and make you comfortable.

At the risk of gushing?



"* it was rea fantastic.

Now i am obviously limited in what i can show you here?



"* but i think y the idea.

Okay, i've arrived here at the vaccination site at mayo clinic.

I've been instructed to remain in my car until five minutes before my appointment which is at 8:20 this morning.

And, now it is one minute until it will be five minutes before my appointment.

I'm ready to go.




"* an exactly where to go.

There is no shortage of signage at this vaccination clinic!

Once inside i am instructed to follow this long hallway lined with footprints to my life saving vaccine.

I'm in here with tammy now and answering the questions that i have to answer before i get my shot!

Tammy's given me a bunch of literature to read about my vaccination.




"* actually retired from mayo last year?

"* ?


"* was cal into service to administer vaccines.

I can see why they wanted her back too?



" exceedingly gentle!

There it is, i don't even feel it!

And so after i got my shot, i filled out... out this way sir... i have to figure out how to get out of here is the main thing.

After i got my shot i just had to make a second coronavirus i guess i shouldn't have been surprised at how efficient they do things at the prestigous mayo clinic.

I remember when i had my first checkup at mayo.

My appointment was at 7:30 on a tuesday morning.

At 7:30 on that tuesday morning?



* wasn't in a wating room?


"* was sitting in an examing room chatting with my physician.

That's how they roll at mayo, katie.

Thank you, george.

As you heard, george said he was getting his next dose on tax day.

His date is actually on the normal federal tax day april 15th.

This year, though, tax day has been moved to may 17th.

New at 4?


"* governor walz releasing a balanced budget ?

*- in what he says prioritizes working families, students, and small businesses.

Here you can see the revised covid?

"*19 recovery budget on the right side of your screen.

The largest new investments in minnesota's revised budget will support working families.

The governor's proposal includes tax relief for minnesotans who received unemployment benefits during the pandemic, expands the renter's property tax refund, increases eligibility for the working family credit, and includes a earned sick and safe time proposal to ensure that workers can accrue up to 48 hours per year of paid leave.

For more information on the budget?


"* head on over minnesota governor tim walz says the state has given out more than 2 million doses of the covid?

"*19 vaccine.

Nearly 77 percent of adults who are at least 65 years old have received at least one dose.

The governor said quote, " with our strong network of hard?

"*working providers and minnesotans doing their part to end this pandemic by rolling up their sleelves when it's their turn, we are proud of our state for working together and leading the nation in vaccine administration.

Stormteam 3 it's now time for a check on the weather with kimt stormteam 3 chief meteorloigist aaron white.

Aaron what are you tracking for the rest of the week?

Plenty of melting occurring today as we've seen a vast amount of sunshine, and temperatures have warmed nicely into the middle 40s.

Even warmer conditions are on the way.

For tonight, expected a clear to partly cloudy sky, with temperatures cooling into the middle 20s.

Friday will be a sunny day, and highs are expected to be close to 50 degrees.

We'll continue with highs in the 50s through the weekend, even close to 60 for sunday.

It's day nine of jury selection in the trial of derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer accused of murder.

Seven jurors were re?

"* questioned on wednesday following public news of a settlement between the city of minneapolis and george floyd's family.

While two jurors were eliminated, another two were chosen, keeping the total number at nine.

This morning, there was a debate over whether a forensic psychologist can testify about whether floyd was having a panic response to his arrest.

Xxx " i had ruled earlier, and stand by that ruling that mr. floyd's emotional state on may 6th 2019, and the statements he made really aren't relevant because his intent is not an issue here.

Uh, and whether his statements or emotional response was faked or genuine doesn't really matter because the question is what behavior did the police have to deal with?

Whether it was genuine or not.

" the judge is trying to decide if the trial should be moved out of minneapolis.

He says he will make a final still to come on kimt news three first at four?

"* "we're grateful to be here in rochester and have this great opportunity."

We're taking you inside cameo at the castle's grand reopening.

You'll hear from the owner about what you can expect the next president biden considers sending covid?

"* 19 vaccines to canada and mexico.

The agreement would be the first time the u?

"*s has ever shared vaccines with another country.

And it's a beautiful day in the med city.

You can see that here from our live eye in the sky.

Stick around for the full stormteam 3 forecast where we'll take a look ahead at the


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