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Monday, May 10, 2021

Today marks one year since Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the stay-at-home order, here's a look back

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Today marks one year since Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the stay-at-home order, here's a look back
Today marks one year since Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the stay-at-home order, here's a look back

When Gov.

Gavin Newsom issued the Stay-at-home Order exactly one year ago few could have imagined we would still be living our lives under extreme Covid restrictions 12 months later.

Action News Now is taking a look back at the three weeks leading up to that historic announcement on March 19, 2020.

Few could have imagined..

12 months after the stay at home order... we would*stil* be living our lives under extreme covid restrictions.

Leaving those businesses to struggle for a year now.

Action news now anchor alan marsden joins us with a look back at the events that led up to governor newsom's order.

Debbie as we look back at that historic decision to lock-down california, it's truly remarkable, that just a few short weeks before that announcement, few of us had any idea just how dramatically our lives were about to change.


Newsom from 3.19.20 11pm statewide lockdown) "this is not a permanent state.

This is a moment in time and we will meet this moment together and we will look back at these kinds of decisions as pivotal decisions."

How stunning those words were, as governor gavin newsom ordered a state-wide lockdown, march 19, 2020.

On that day one year ago, california had a total of 1,030 covid-19 cases.

18 people, state- wide, had died.

The head-spinning news of the lock- down announcement that day had most of us, at very least -- feeling a sense of disbelief.

(11pm mar.19 lockdown reax lauren evans:) " i just don't know about everyone sheltering in place, that kind of freaks me out a little bit."

Mark sabatiny: "i'm a little bit nervous, a little bit concerned.

I'm just wondering how long this will be in effect for."

Just three weeks earlier, in solano county, the country's very first case of community transmission was discovered.

Yet, most of us couldn't have imagined how rapidly our lives were about to change.

But the health experts could.

(from 2.26 11pm "solano coronavirus tonight") dr. dean blumberg, u.c.

Davis health "when you think about this virus this is a virus that's novel.

That means nobody here has been exposed to it.

That means we are all susceptible to it."

And with every passing day came more alarm bells, and by march 2nd, panic buying was well underway.

Bulk buying pkg 5pm e block "i was actually very surprised to come here and see just everything cleared out."

And by march 4th.... (march 4, 4pm alan marsden in roseville "coronavirus roseville") "california first coronavirus death happened here at the kaiser permanente hospital in roseville.

" the coronavirus had our full attention.

"health officials confirmed that the patient was a critically ill older adult who may have been exposed to coronavirus during a cruise from san francisco to mexico."

(march 5 11pm paradise cruise couple steven smith)"obviously we're all concerned but we're doing what the captain asked us to do."

A paradise couple were among the two thousand passengers stuck on that quarantined covid-cruise.

"we're hoping we get some quick results and that we're able to go about our business and get back to paradise."

March 6th, though no confirmed positive cases yet, butte county declared a local emergency.

Dr. andy miller on (tuesday, mar.

10 5pm show community exposure) "so the idea of containment it is one that we will try but at some point we will be unable to do that.

(march 6 5pm show, scott rates vicious viruses) nats of scott rates presentation the coronavirus was now dominating most of our attention, but still no confirmed cases in our region.

That changed march 8th in shasta county which reported a man in his 50 tested positive.

(video from march 9 11pm "patient community threat") march 11th, a wednesday, brought news that the world health organization officially declared a "global pandemic."

On the same day more stunning news.

A member of the utah jazz tested positive and within hours the nba suspended its season.

Also shutting down that same day, chico state.

Sot from student girl (class cancellation 5pm) "i am really sad i really like going to my classes i don't think they should.

I think there a threat but i think it less than what people think."

The next day (march 12) it was disneyland announcing plans to shutdown for -- "the rest of the month?

... we still did not know what was coming.

... but on monday, the 16th, every county in the bay area united to issue a shelter- in-place order.

(from mar.16 10pm bay area shelter in place) dr. grant colfa departme nt of public -- "this is a critical intervention that we know can reduce harm and save lives."

Also on that monday, with the governor's stay at home order just days away, bars state-wide were ordered closed - something the owner of the banshee in chico had already made the decision to do.

(william brady from mar.16 5pm bars closed) "the coronavirus is very real and i don't think we can stay open any longer without knowing its effect on butte county."

We were all learning new terminology, social distancing, p-p-e, which by now was in dangerously short supply.

(video from 11pm mar 17 ntnl pkg) and by now, the coronavirus picture was getting disturbingly clear.

Most local school districts were closing down campuses.

(governor from 11pm mar.

17) "i would plan and assume that it's unlikely that many of these schools, if any will open, before the summer break."

Two days later, an announcement from the governor far more stunning, telling 40-million californians to stay home (5am mar.

20 california closure) governor gavin newsom "this is a moment we need to make tough decisions, this is a moment where we need some straight coming up on coming up on action news now at five.

I take a look back at some of the key events in the 12 months*sinc* the stay at home order was issued... and speak to a local restaurant owner, maintaining his determination that those


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