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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Manchester University, Indiana Tech resume normal operations for fall 2021

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Manchester University, Indiana Tech resume normal operations for fall 2021
Manchester University, Indiana Tech resume normal operations for fall 2021


Eric Holcomb announced Tuesday that by March 31, all Hoosiers 16 and up are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

As the vaccine becomes available to larger portions of the population, local universities feel confident that operations can return to normal come fall 2021.

Come this fall.

Fox 55's nico pennisi spoke with local colleges about what's in store for students next semester.

Nico, how are some of the people you talked to today feeling about the decision?caleb, it's clear that students and staff alike prefer sitting in front of a chalkboard in a classroom, rather than in front of a computer screen.

The prospect of things going back to normal come fall 2021 is a weight off their shoulders... diane calinski teaches pharmacology to sophomores and juniors at manchester university."i teach how drugs work and how drugs are broken down by the body."

Campbell labs, research, hands-on experience ... the nature of her classes require in person instruction."it's been really difficult to keep research projects going.

I've been able to train a few students in my lab on a one to one basis but they're progress in the research area has definitely slowed."

Calinski that's changing come fall 2021."we are really hoping to be back full, in person this coming fall."

Campbell associate dean jennifer campbell says a step toward normalcy.the university is encouraging students on both fort wayne and north manchester campuses to receive the covid-19 vaccine to help lower the spread.spokesman brian engelhart says that's also the case at indiana tech.

"for next year, given the improvements that we're seeing in numbers, the increase in ability to get vaccinated and looking ahead, and also seeing how we're doing this spring, we're able to go back to a normal schedule."

In spring 2021, 20 percent of indiana tech students decided to take classes virtually.

But in the fall..."everybody will be back in classrooms."

Englehartthis also means the return of the traditional academic year schedule - bringing back thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.

Engelhart says they will continue to monitor local and state health restrictions and adjust accordingly.

Virtual learning, recording lectures and other means of online learning proved helpful for students who are unable to physically be in class.

Indiana tech will continue to offer these options for students who need fort wayne i'm nico pennisi fox 55 news