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Monday, July 26, 2021

FBI wants you to be weary of what you're posting on social media

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FBI wants you to be weary of what you're posting on social media
FBI wants you to be weary of what you're posting on social media
FBI wants you to be weary of what you're posting on social media

Up for you at 6:30 eastern.

A new fraud scam surrounding covid-19 is starting to pop up.

On news 10 first at five..

We told you why you should keep your covid-19 vaccine cards.

It involves travel... and possible requirements at big events.'ll learn more about why you should protect your vaccination card.... and what can happen if you don't.

News 10's bri shackelford joins us in the studio to explain.

The past year we've seen many scams surrounding covid-19.

Now....the f-b-i is warning us what we could be seeing when it comes to these vaccination comes to these vaccination cards.

[take pkg incue: "fbi agent spencer..... outcue: ....with a band-aid."

Duration:1:19] pk} f-b-i agent spencer brooks tells me identity theft has been on the rise.

Brooks says the scams the fbi is seeing have to do with scammers telling you to pay to get the shot. that vaccines are quickly getting out to the public.....brooks says they're seeing a new scam.

"now we're seeing another way, another way you, another risk associated with identity theft which is vaccine cards when they're posted online."

Brooks tells me the reason many people want to post their vaccination cards online is that they are excited they are vaccinated.

But....brooks warns that you're at risk of getting your identity stolen.

That's because the cards have personal information on them that scammers can use.

"identity theft for the criminals is kind of like a criminals is kind of like a puzzle.

Sometimes they come into an entire identity already, and sometimes they have to piece things together.

So, maybe they've pulled something from facebook, or from twitter from somebody, but then they get another piece of information from your vaccine card."

Brooks tells me while your identity won't be stolen completely by your vaccine card... it could add to scammers trying to take advantage of you.

He adds there are things you can do to show people you got vaccinated....without putting yourself at risk.

"there's other options for letting your social media followers know that you got vaccinated.

You're going to get a sticker, or you could show your arm with a band-aid."





With a band-aid."

Brooks says


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