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Saturday, June 19, 2021

NCAA Baseball: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

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NCAA Baseball: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss
NCAA Baseball: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

For the better part of a month, maybe longer, the Mississippi State and Ole Miss baseball teams have been trading places in the top 10, finally ready to settle the score in a head-to-head three-game series.

In 20-20.

- - for the better part of a- month... maybe longer... the- mississippi - state and ole miss baseball - teams have been trading places- in- the top 10... finally ready to- settle the score... in a- head-to-head three-game series.- fourth-ranked bulldogs hosting- the sixth-ranked- rebels... and it's ole miss - swinging the big stick first...- t-j - mc-cants... the j standing for- jack... tucks a home run inside- the foul pole... for a fourth-- inning solo shot to the porch i- right field... 2-1 rebs.- but stark-vegas would come- alive, in the bottom half...- kamren james dropping the - boom... making the left field - part of the dude very happy...- giving those apartment fans - something to stare at... ties - the game right back at 2-all.

- now one of the best high school- football players i've ever seen- in- person... oak grove alum john - rhys plumlee... well... he can- play baseball, too... oh my - gosh... a web gem if i've ever- seen- one... keeping the bases- clear... hope the rebels have - the spray - and wash ready.

- top five now... and just watch- this throw... from george - county alum logan tanner... are- you kidding me... side-arms it- around the batter... to get the- strike 'em out, throw 'em - out... let's watch it again...- wow... one of the best throws - from a- catcher i've ever seen.

- bottom eight now... state up 3-- 2... and this is the dagger...- as- rowdey jordan gets rowdey...- drives in a pair of bulldogs...- and - that's your game.

- diamond dawgs take game 1, of - this series... by the final - count - of 5-2... ready to lace 'em up- for game 2, tomorrow... - game 3, sunday.



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