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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Clay County woman discharged after 106 day hospitalization

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Clay County woman discharged after 106 day hospitalization
Clay County woman discharged after 106 day hospitalization

Susan Martin spent three-and-a-half-months at The NMMC after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Susan Martin was it made it to the North Mississippi Medical Center on January 7th after being diagnosed with the coronavirus Today medical staff celebrated her as she left the hospital 106 days that's how long Susan Martin stayed in the hospital after getting the coronavirus but today she was able to go home I'm thankful for all the friends family people I don't know people from different continents even that had me on their prayers and I believe that God answered all of everyone's prayers a special group of people helped Martin celebrate her discharge including her mom Margie carti no no doubt about it she is a miracle Lauren Holcomb it's really embarrassing to say somebody on the other side of covid when we seen them at their lowest when they fight meant Martin said the virus caused her to forget some things about her stay but said that may have been for the best play don't remember anything until I woke up with a trach in I have little bits of memories from things but nothing so I think it was just God's way of letting my body heal before she left the hospital Martin said she takes nothing for granted nobody promised tomorrow and looks forward to continuing her recovery process at home nurse Holcomb came to the hospital on her off day to celebrate Martin Martin said she couldn't have asked for a better Hospital staff in Tupelo Brianna Bynum WTVA 9 News