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Friday, June 18, 2021

ProVise Management Group talks retirement | Morning Blend

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ProVise Management Group talks retirement | Morning Blend
ProVise Management Group talks retirement | Morning Blend
ProVise Management Group Talks Retirement planning

Time, Right.

Well, it cana lot of questions, especito your finances.

Well, luour friends that providesare you today?

Good morninto be with you, nice to beAnd I'm glad that we're gothat people work their whoforward to for many.

And tthe question set in.

So leI am sitting in your officget a handful of questionsregular, so we're going toSo if I'm sitting there inpeople I'm assuming want tthe biggest fear that anyoenough, Will I run out ofdon't want to get well intof what are you, what areHow many of them are variathem are fixed?

Uh What arwhat are the special thingdo in retirement that youin the way of that investmplans, if you have any, whSecurity going to be like?What are your objectives?to kind of get to all of tplan that projects out intit's a dynamic document.

Ithat you do just once youand keep going with it asthat I'm assuming people win my house I actually recparents to florida.

Some pknow where will I live.

Doyour office?


And theus who want to leave florielse.

There are reasons toperhaps you want to be cloand really the grandchildrChildren, Even if you stayto downsize or you're goinhome?

Um, and as you thinkabout the social circles tto have, the friends thatgain depending upon wherewhat kind of medical facilWhat am I going to do forand and educational opportthing here in Florida thatdon't know if you're 65 orto any university and audifree.

I did not know that.It's also, I don't have goyou think my parents camemy daughter, not me.

I donsaying.

They're right, youthat myself included, youmindset if we get a paycheand I think the majority oforward to that, that consis going to go away when rdo you tell people if thatnote that that money is noin every two weeks.

Well cgoing to be getting a paycany longer, but there arewe can set up a cash flowlike a paycheck.

It is disa sudden say, well, I'm nobills.

Um, you know, we neand how you're going to tawhat other pensions do youretirement plans might beand your investments.

Andto spend more than four ofhave accumulated in any onof helps allow for you tobut hopefully keep you fromoney.

It seems like maybeexpenses for people who reone of the biggest concernhealth coverage as we clos30 seconds left.

What do ytaking care of their.

So iinsurance, if you're underbe thinking about, can youyou were working?

Do you nsecurity?

Don't forget youabout getting a supplementthat can cost anywhere froon your income level justin Ray.

You can help withthose questions with the dyou were talking about.

Youp with and if you give thyou will get a one hour coplan we just discuss.



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