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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Temperatures heating up headed into the weekend

Credit: ABC15 Arizona
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Temperatures heating up headed into the weekend
Temperatures heating up headed into the weekend

Temperatures are heating up headed into the weekend, including a forecasted high of 114 on Sunday.

Track on your most accuratJorge Torres dangerously hpoor air quality.

That meathe corner here in Arizonain the valley, starting ofclimbing to near 100 by noa high of 106 degrees begiAnd those temperatures getthe next several days, espWhy is that?

Well, it's beof high pressure that's cland southeast.

It will buicorners area beginning sunweek, allowing those tempeclimb and excessively hot.beginning as early as satuis when the excessive heatfrom the valley to the wesalmost each and every day110 degrees.

Not only thatto deal with poor air qualadvisory take effect on frWe also have watches in efmonday.

So if you suffer fyou want to limit your timalong with the rest of ustemperatures were anticipain the thirties and Flagstgenerally up north in theseventies though.

In a fewlower elevations, for examLake Havasu.

Now on fridayhighs anywhere from 84 the93 though on page 98 Winsllower one hundreds acrossfrom Tucson to Ho casagranLake Havasu highs tomorrowValley.

Tonight, those lowin the upper sixties and ltomorrow, well above the s103 in places like Mesa, loh seven there and Chandlethis evening, lows in thelower seventies to with hione oh to an anthem to oneand Goodyear.

So here is ttomorrow, calling for a hiat the next several days abe the coolest out of the1 14 on sunday.

And it getweek with highs between moanywhere from 1 15 to 1 17high temperatures are on t


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