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Monday, December 6, 2021

Videocast: Tracking the Tropics

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Videocast: Tracking the Tropics
Videocast: Tracking the Tropics
Hot and humid today; outlook on tropics

Okay, it's gonna be another hot andhumid day today with the fields likeback in the triple digits and we'regonna see some more of thosethunderstorms across the upstate.

It'sgonna be around three o'clock or afterand in the mountains and starts alittle bit sooner after 12 noon or so.We'll begin to see some of thosedownpours carrying some heavy rainfallin some lightly lightning.

Just like wesaw yesterday, Tropical Storm Fred isnow heading out towards the DominicanRepublic.

You can see it's very strongwith winds at 40 mph.

It is going toweaken as it moves over land latertoday.

And then on the other side ofthis is a new tropical wave that's justcoming off the coast of Africa.

Thisone is moving west at about 20 MPH witha 30% chance that we'll see some slowdevelopment out of that over the nextfive days.

So we'll be tracking thatone as well.

Let's take a look.

Thelatest track of tropical storm fredcontinues to take it out toward theeastern gulf of Mexico.

Maybe slightlyvary ating or delineating toward thewest a little bit.

But again, a lotcould change between now and then.

Thatcone of uncertainty still coversbasically most of florida's peninsulastill looks like though the remnantswill be coming our way now again, ifthe core pushes through our area, we'relooking at a lot of rain fall.

If itmoves to the west, we're looking at alot of rain fall, but if it starts toscoot to the east then we won't see asmuch rain and the winds won't be asstrong.

So again, we'll continue totrack that.

Let's get you caught up aswe go throughout the next several dayshere, you see this potentially nowapproaching the southern tip of floridamaybe on saturday.

So friday will begetting some rainfall across that area,but it doesn't look like the core movesthrough until potentially saturday maybe riding through basically florida nowinstead of just to the west of it.Nonetheless notice on sunday, whilethis is happening in florida, we've gota cool front that's going to try tocome through.

However, it likely willnow stall out as some of this tropicalmoisture surges north.

So a lot ofchanges here as we go into the earlypart of next week, we're looking atsome rainfall as we go into monday,some of that enhance strain and thenmonday night here comes some of thoseouter bands pushing through potentiallyand then the core or what's left ofthis system.

If it does push throughour area, we could be looking at thiscoming through Tuesday afternoon intoWednesday as it pushes from southCarolina into north Carolina and thenit's out of here.

Then we've just gotsome leftover rain kind of behind itgoing into thursday outside thismorning, we've got some clouds.

It's amild start to the day yet again prettyhot and humid.

Look at all these heatadvisories posted from Alabama all theway back to the west, a good chunk ofthe United States dealing with this.

Weare not under a heat advisory, but Iwill say that feels like temperaturewill be in the triple digits todaytomorrow and friday as well headinginto today.

We are looking at those popup showers and thunderstorms, somelightning, some heavy downpours onceagain embedded as this humidity helpsto fuel some of these storms going intotomorrow.

Basically the same thing.It's gonna feel a little like GroundhogDay is our summertime weather patternreturns.

We're going back intobasically the same thing heading intofriday and saturday now next week.Those are the changes that's when therainfall becomes a bit more enhanced asa cool front attempts to come through.As we get a surge of potential tropicalmoisture heading our way, temperatureswill cool down, it will be rain cooledmore than anything, but still a littlebit cooler and hopefully a little lesshumid for a day or so before theremnants of fred potentially head ourway.Mhm.

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