I Ate 3000 Calories A Day To Get My Dream Butt | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
I Ate 3000 Calories A Day To Get My Dream Butt | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN aspiring rapper started getting cosmetic surgery at the age of 18 to achieve her dream hourglass figure.

Elisa Albrich, 27, originally from Austria but now living in Germany, felt self-conscious of her body when she was a teenager and wanted bigger boobs.

In total she has had four boob jobs and two BBLs, costing more than €20,000 to achieve a more curvaceous look.

To ensure she had enough fat on her body for her first BBL, Elisa had to do a lot of preparation.

Elisa told Truly: “I'm very skinny so I needed to eat over 3,000 calories a day to gain a little bit of weight.

So it was very hard for me.

I had the first one and I had just five kilograms of fat so it was less because after the Brazilian Butt Lift, the fat will go away to like 30 or 40% and that's why I knew okay, I need to do it again.” Elisa idolises rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and is hoping to make a name for herself in the same industry and that her look will help.

Elisa said: “Nowadays it's very important to have a good look in social media or in the music industry.” As well as surgery, Elisa enjoys changing up her appearance with wigs, different styles of clothes, tattoos and extra long nails, which take her six hours to do by herself!

Elisa regularly feels judged online for getting plastic surgery but Elisa loves her look and feels that is all that matters.

She said: “If you want to look like this, your mind also needs to be strong.” Elisa’s friend Marco worries about her getting more cosmetic surgery so what will he think of her future procedure plans?