A Piece of Cake Movie
A Piece of Cake Movie

A Piece of Cake Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: The tiny gnome-like Elfkins have lived in hiding for more than 200 years.

After being dismissed by her fellow Elfkins one too many times, young Elfy decides it’s time to try and return to the human world.

Joined by two reluctant Elkfin boys, Elfy meets Chef Theo, who is about to lose his bakery to his scheming brother.

Remembering that once upon a time the Elkins used to help humans, Elfy and her friends decide to learn how to bake so they can save the pastry shop.

Director Ute von Münchow-Pohl Writers Marc Robitaille Actors Madi Monroe, Sonny Hurrell, Stuart Reimers Genre Family Run Time 1 hour 18 minutes