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Lara Logan

South African journalist and war correspondent

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Lara Logan: South African journalist and war correspondent
Lara Logan is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. She was a correspondent for CBS News between 2002 and 2018. In 2019, she joined the Sinclair Broadcast Group, a conservative media company. In January 2020, she joined Fox Nation, a subscription streaming service run by Fox News.


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"60 Minutes" apologizes for Benghazi report

"60 Minutes" has learned of new information that undercuts its Oct. 27 account of an ex-security officer who recounted to Lara Logan, in great detail, what he claimed were his actions on the night of..
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"Shut down operations" in Benghazi, LTC warned

LTC Andy Wood tells Lara Logan he raised his concerns directly with Amb. Stevens three months before the U.S. compound was overrun. "Shut down operations," he says he warned in the 60 Minutes "Moment..
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Warning signs: Security breaches in Benghazi

Morgan Jones tells Lara Logan about two separate security breaches at the U.S. Compound in Benghazi. The incidents occurred prior to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack and one -- involving an IED -- led Jones..
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Jane Goodall and Her Chimps

Jane Goodall brings Lara Logan and "60 Minutes" cameras back to the forests of Tanzania, where she began her love affair with chimpanzees 50 years ago, to remind the public that chimps are endangered.
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The ascent of Alex Honnold

Mountain climber Alex Honnold seems to defy gravity by scaling sheer, steep rock faces with no rope and apparently no fear. Lara Logan reports.
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Discovering the secrets of lions

Dereck and Beverly Joubert have been filming Africa's lions for 30 years and their discoveries have challenged conventional wisdom. Lara Logan reports.
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Preview: Iraq's Christians

More than 125,000 of Iraq's Christians have been forced to flee their ancient homeland because of ISIS violence and threats. Lara Logan reports on Sunday, September 13 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
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Conquering the impossible

Wounded veterans are using their hearts and minds to summit some of the world's tallest mountains and overcome the disabilities was has dealt them. Lara Logan reports.
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The Battle for Mosul

After more than two years of ISIS occupation, Iraq's second-largest city is being taken back by the Iraqi Army. Lara Logan reports from Mosul.
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Preview: Gorilla Doctors

When the first Gorilla Doctor began helping mountain gorillas, the species was almost extinct. Today, they're the only population of great apes that's growing. Lara Logan reports on Sunday, June 4 at 7..
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Life in Outer Space

NASA and Las Vegas entrepreneur have partnered on a technology that could change how humans live and work in space. Lara Logan reports.
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Preview: Bruno Mars

He's been broke, busted and nearly homeless. Now, as 60 Minutes' Lara Logan reports, he's on top of the music world,
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A look back at "the sport of kings"

In 2012, Lara Logan reported on polo and the star Argentinian player trying to revive the game in America
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Controversial rhino horn sales eyed as solution to poaching crisis

Poachers are killing rhino at a rate of three per day in South Africa. An unusual plan aims to crack down on that, but some conservation groups call it dangerous. Lara Logan reports.
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How to bottle-feed a baby rhino

60 Minutes' Lara Logan visits a rhino orphanage and learns just how ravenous a young rhino can be
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Kabul under siege while America's longest war rages on

In 16 years, the Afghan War has cost 2,400 American lives and $1 trillion. But with the country's capital under siege, the end still seems far away. Lara Logan reports.
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Saving rhino with helicopters

An effort to conserve a species has rhinos flying high... and upside down. Lara Logan reports.
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60 Minutes Presents: Into the Wild

In a special hour devoted to the natural world, Scott Pelley visits Kenya to witness the great wildebeest migration; then, Bob Simon listens to the secret language of elephants; lastly, Lara Logan..
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Defense Secretary Panetta, Big Game Hunting, Parker And Stone

As secretary of defense, Leon Panetta is fighting multiple wars, pursuing al Qaeda, and trying to keep Iran from building an atom bomb. Scott Pelley reports; Then, some exotic animal species that are..
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Iraq's Christians, Rare Earth Elements, Starstruck

Lara Logan reports on Iraq's Christians; Are modern life's devices under China's grip? Lesley Stahl reports; then, Charlie Rose profiles astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
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A Monumental Project, Child Suicide Bombers, Falling Apart

Scott Pelley reports on the building of a national museum dedicated to African-American history and culture; Lara Logan reports on child suicide bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Steve Kroft reports..
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Iraq's Christians, The Shooting at Chardon High, King of CrossFit

Lara Logan reports on the persecution of Iraq's Christians by ISIS; then, Ohio HS coach Frank Hall talks with Scott Pelley about the school shooting he helped stop; and, meet the former gymnast who..
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Active Shooter, Common Enemy, The Future of Money

U.S. police departments are training officers how to respond to active shooter attacks; then, Lara Logan reports from the battle lines against ISIS in Iraq; and, a "mobile money" revolution has swept..
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Prime Minister Trudeau, King of Coal, Death Row in Livingston Texas

Justin Trudeau, the new, young leader and scion of Canadian political royalty talks to Lara Logan; then, Anderson Cooper reports on the landmark case against coal company CEO Don Blankenship; and, 60..
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The Battle for Mosul, The National Mood, The Zika Virus

Lara Logan reports from Iraq's second-largest city, which is being taken back by the Iraqi Army; then, Americans voters on the 2016 presidential election as it comes to an end; and the fight against..
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