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Bill Clinton

42nd president of the United States

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Bill Clinton: 42nd president of the United States
William Jefferson Clinton is an American politician who served as the 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Prior to his presidency, he served as governor of Arkansas and as attorney general of Arkansas (1977–1979). A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton was known as a New Democrat, and many of his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy. He is the husband of former secretary of state and former U.S. senator Hillary Clinton. In 1998, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives, becoming the second U.S. president to get impeached following Andrew Johnson. The impeachment was based on accusations that Clinton committed perjury and obstruction of justice for the purpose of concealing his affair with Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year-old White House intern. He was acquitted by the Senate and completed his term in office.


Today in History for February 12th

Highlights of this day in history: President Abraham Lincoln and naturalist Charles Darwin born; The U.S. Senate acquits President Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial; Founding of the NAACP;..
USATODAY.com - Published

In 1999, Bill Clinton was 'humbled' by impeachment. Today, Donald Trump unloaded on a 'phony, rotten deal'

Bill Clinton apologized for his behavior that led to impeachment. In contrast, Donald Trump railed against "scum" and "evil" foes who put him through "hell."
USATODAY.com - Published

Videos for Bill Clinton

'You win some, you lose some': Hillary Clinton on Sanders' Nevada victory [Video]'You win some, you lose some': Hillary Clinton on Sanders' Nevada victory

Hillary Clinton walked the red carpet for a screening of a documentary about her life at Berlin International Film Festival on Monday (February 24) and discussed her thoughts on the presidential..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:19Published

Trump Remains Record Holder For Longest State of the Union Address Speech [Video]Trump Remains Record Holder For Longest State of the Union Address Speech

President Donald Trump holds the record for the longest average speaking time delivering a State of the Union address. In 2918, 2019 and 2020, Trump delivered a speech with an average length of 5,580..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:32Published

Clinton Not Thinking About Running In 2020 [Video]Clinton Not Thinking About Running In 2020

Hillary Clinton made headlines last week. Why? According to Business Insider, comments she made in a coming documentary are controversial. What did she say? According to Business Insider, Clinton said..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:40Published

Trump's team ramps up defense despite Bolton's claim [Video]Trump's team ramps up defense despite Bolton's claim

Donald Trump's lawyers continued their defense of the U.S. president in his impeachment trial, despite revelations by ex-national security advisor John Bolton that Trump's deal with Ukraine was, in..

Credit: Reuters - Politics     Duration: 03:45Published

Attorney: Dems' facts against Trump 'exonerate' Trump [Video]Attorney: Dems' facts against Trump 'exonerate' Trump

Mike Purpura, a member of President Donald Trump's legal team defending him in the Senate impeachment trial, said the House managers' evidence presented against Trump actually "exonerate" him.

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 02:01Published

Schumer: 'We're not trading' evidence with GOP [Video]Schumer: 'We're not trading' evidence with GOP

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer after day two of President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial said there are no "discussions" being had with Republicans over potential evidence or..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:29Published

Senate rejects bid for documents in Trump impeachment trial [Video]Senate rejects bid for documents in Trump impeachment trial

The Republican-controlled Senate blocked a Democratic bid to force the White House to produce more documents and evidence on Tuesday, in a sign the third impeachment trial in U.S. history could proceed..

Credit: Reuters - Politics     Duration: 03:17Published

Impeachment veteran makes case for evidence [Video]Impeachment veteran makes case for evidence

Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, the only member of Congress to work on both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings, on Tuesday made the case for evidence to be produced by the White House for..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:35Published

McConnell proposes rules for Trump trial [Video]McConnell proposes rules for Trump trial

U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell put forward rules that could lead to a quick impeachment trial for President Donald Trump, with no guarantee that witnesses or new evidence would be..

Credit: Reuters - Politics     Duration: 01:35Published

Trump adds Starr, Dershowitz to impeachment team [Video]Trump adds Starr, Dershowitz to impeachment team

President Donald Trump turned to some legal heavyweights to help defend him in his Senate impeachment trial. Jonah Green reports.

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 02:05Published

Senate Republicans close ranks on rules for Trump impeachment trial [Video]Senate Republicans close ranks on rules for Trump impeachment trial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he had enough votes to set the rules for President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, dealing a blow to Democrats' efforts to call new witnesses..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 02:44Published


Three Ex-Presidents Faced Impeachment. We Visited Their Historic Sites.

We visited the presidential museums, libraries and sites dedicated to Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton to talk to visitors about the impeachment facing President Trump.
NYTimes.com - Published

Starr, lawyer who pursued Clinton and now defends Trump, rails against impeachment

Kenneth Starr, the lawyer whose investigation led to the impeachment of former U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1998, told the Senate on Monday that the process was happening all too often in what he..
Reuters - Published

Sanders, Biden, Clinton? This Week in the 2020 Race

Paying attention to the impeachment trial this week? Us too. But here are 7 things that happened on the campaign trail you may have missed.
NYTimes.com - Published

LeBron James, Lakers meet Bill Clinton after game in Brooklyn

LeBron James said it was "just surreal" to speak briefly with the former president on the floor after the Lakers defeated the Nets at Barclays Center.
USATODAY.com - Published

Senator Lindsey Graham misses a clip of a speech he made during Clinton’s trial in 1999.

In the clip, Mr. Graham gave a broad definition of a “high crime.”
NYTimes.com - Published

Harvey Weinstein trial begins with scathing opening statements, photo of him with Bill Clinton

Harvey Weinstein's trial began with opening statements that included a scathing description labeling him a rapist and a photo of him with Bill Clinton
USATODAY.com - Published

McConnell’s changes to the trial rules come after concerns from Republican senators.

Mr. McConnell’s initial plans had deviated in several ways from those carried out in President Bill Clinton’s Senate trial.
NYTimes.com - Published

Senate leaders from President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial: Two sides must work together

Former Senate Republican leader Trent Lott and Democratic leader Tom Daschle navigated through the 1999 Clinton impeachment trial and emerged friends.
USATODAY.com - Published

Schumer calls Republican rules for the trial ‘a national disgrace.’

He said he would move to mirror the rules used for President Bill Clinton as soon as the trial begins at 1 p.m.
NYTimes.com - Published

The Trial That Would Be a Template

Twenty-one years ago, President Bill Clinton was brought up on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. But there were some big differences from what President Trump now faces.
NYTimes.com - Published

Impeachment Trial Puts Susan Collins, Stung by Kavanaugh Backlash, Under Scrutiny

The four-term Maine senator, who crossed party lines to vote against President Clinton’s impeachment, must now decide whether to break with President Trump.
NYTimes.com - Published

Who is Ken Starr? Trump once called his impeachment lawyer a 'lunatic' and 'disaster'

Ken Starr, the independent counsel in Bill Clinton's impeachment, has been hired by Trump to join his defense team in the Senate impeachment trial.
USATODAY.com - Published

Ken Starr Returns to the Impeachment Fray, This Time for the Defense

The independent counsel whose investigation resulted in a Senate trial for President Bill Clinton has joined the team defending President Trump in his own Senate trial.
NYTimes.com - Published

Trump adds legal heavyweights Starr, Dershowitz to impeachment team

President Donald Trump turned to some legal heavyweights to help defend him in his Senate impeachment trial with the addition on Friday of former independent counsel Ken Starr, who paved the way for..
Reuters - Published

Prominent lawyers Starr, Dershowitz join Trump impeachment team

President Donald Trump is bringing in high-profile legal firepower to help defend him in the Senate impeachment trial, with the addition on Friday of former independent counsel Ken Starr, who paved the..
Reuters - Published

Trump Legal Team to Add Starr and Dershowitz for Senate Trial

Ken Starr and a third lawyer named to the team, Robert Wray, were independent counsels who investigated President Bill Clinton.
NYTimes.com - Published

Pelosi Taps Diverse Team of Impeachment Managers With Legal Credentials

The group of Democratic lawmakers preparing to press the case against President Trump is about half as large as and far more diverse than the team that prosecuted Bill Clinton.
NYTimes.com - Published

The impeachment managers were revealed.

The group of Democratic lawmakers is smaller but more diverse than the House members who prosecuted President Bill Clinton.
NYTimes.com - Published

Trump impeachment trial fight for Bolton testimony echoes Monica Lewinsky

Twenty-one years ago former White House intern Lewinsky was at the center of a tug-of-war over whether she would testify in the U.S. Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, a Democrat.
Reuters - Published

Senate impeachment trial: Too soon to say whether Trump Cabinet witnesses are needed

Senate should follow the precedent set by the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, writes Hans von Spakovsky of The Heritage Foundation.
USATODAY.com - Published

U.S. Senate's McConnell: Structure of Trump's impeachment trial should track with Clinton's

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday the structure of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial should track with that of former President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial two..
Reuters - Published

Trump says he has been denied due process. But the Constitution does not afford him that.

Like Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson before him, President Trump does not have the same constitutional protection afforded to criminal defendants.
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump's impeachment trial in Senate likely to be more partisan than Bill Clinton's was in 1999

A generation has passed, but in politics, it seems like a lifetime. The days of bipartisan agreements have been replaced by polarization and animosity.
USATODAY.com - Published

A President Impeached, and a Nation Convulsed

The impeachment battles over Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton came at turning points in the American story. The time that produced President Trump has proved to be another one.
NYTimes.com - Published

Clinton’s Impeachment Was Nail-Biter. Trump’s Grip on G.O.P. Means His Won’t Be.

As much as the impeachment battle over President Trump echoes that of President Bill Clinton, a wildly different political landscape has contributed to some striking differences.
NYTimes.com - Published

Bill Clinton: ''We should go about our lives"

Former President Bill Clinton said the American public "should observe and make our own judgments" about impeachment. Clinton called the agreement on NAFTA and announcing of two articles of..
USATODAY.com - Published

Facts will help Democrats win Trump impeachment debate even if Senate doesn't remove him

Democrats may well win the Trump impeachment debate in the court of public opinion. Republicans never managed that when they impeached Bill Clinton.
USATODAY.com - Published

Absence of Team Trump at impeachment hearings is a damning argument in itself

President Clinton sent lawyers to argue his case in House and Senate. President Trump faces charges more grave than covering up an affair: Our view
USATODAY.com - Published

A Split Decision From Congress Will Leave Voters With Final Say on Trump

Unlike Presidents Richard M. Nixon or Bill Clinton, Mr. Trump will face an election after his impeachment battle if he isn’t removed from office.
NYTimes.com - Published

"Circus," "kangaroo court," "coup": 1998 Democrats and 2019 Republicans use the same terms to attack impeachment efforts

Republicans on Capitol Hill have largely stayed firm in their defense of President Trump during the public impeachment hearings. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for..
CBS News - Published

Bill Clinton to Donald Trump on gun control inaction during impeachment: 'You got hired to do a job'

During an interview to react to the Saugus High School shooting, Clinton took a dig at Trump's inability to work with Congress on gun control legislation during the impeachment inquiry.
USATODAY.com - Published

How the Trump impeachment inquiry compares to Bill Clinton's

The first public hearings of the impeachment inquiry that begin Wednesday mark the fourth time in history that Congress has considered removing a president from office. The last time was 1998 when the..
CBS News - Published

Echoes of Impeachment Past

As the House opens public hearings into whether President Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors, the battle over President Bill Clinton’s impeachment 21 years ago looms large.
NYTimes.com - Published

Gingrich says Trump impeachment "inconceivable": "He will not be convicted"

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich oversaw Republican efforts to impeach President Bill Clinton in 1998. He ran for president in 2012 and is also the author of 36 books, including 15 New York Times..
CBS News - Published

Before Trump visit, Alabama's Nick Saban shares presidential stories, like Bill Clinton napping on his couch

Alabama coach Nick Saban has spent time with several U.S. presidents over the years, and he shared some memories ahead of Donald Trump's visit.
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump Tax Return Case Confronts Supreme Court With a Momentous Choice

Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton sustained unanimous losses when they sought to withhold evidence, suggesting that President Trump may face an uphill fight.
NYTimes.com - Published

Bill Clinton eulogizes US Rep. Conyers at funeral

Former President Bill Clinton joined other elected officials, religious leaders, music stars and Detroit sports heroes in remembering longtime U.S. Rep. John Conyers. (Nov. 4)  
USATODAY.com - Published

Unlike Clinton impeachment, Trump impeachment inquiry has no special prosecutor

The House passed a resolution defining the rules for the impeachment inquiry going forward on Thursday
CBS News - Published

Bill Clinton & James Patterson, on the same page

The former President of the United States (and a fan of thrillers) and the world's bestselling writer have co-authored a new novel, "The President Is Missing," about a grave threat to our nation. Mo..
CBS News - Published

Bill Clinton on fighting impeachment

In this web exclusive, former President Bill Clinton tells Mo Rocca that despite what he calls the voters' referendum against Republicans in the 1998 midterms, the GOP and House Speaker Newt Gingrich..
CBS News - Published

Bill Clinton on his political opponents

In this web exclusive former President Bill Clinton talks with Mo Rocca about his relationship with those on the other side of the political aisle.
CBS News - Published

Bill Clinton on attempts to politicize the justice system

In this web exclusive, former President Bill Clinton talks about recent criticism, inspired by the #MeToo movement, that he should have resigned from office in the 1990s following the Monica Lewinsky..
CBS News - Published

The Plum Book

The "plum book" is a list of jobs that a president-elect and his people can appoint. Andy Rooney goes "plum picking" with Bill Clinton.
CBS News - Published

George H.W. Bush's letter to Bill Clinton

Before leaving office, Bush left a letter in the Oval Office for the incoming president, Bill Clinton.
CBS News - Published

The Clintons and Justice Ginsburg on Judicial Nominations, Then and Now

Things have changed, they agreed, since President Bill Clinton’s 1993 nomination of the justice was approved by a vote of 96 to 3.
NYTimes.com - Published

Russ Feingold: As a Democrat, I took Clinton impeachment seriously. Justice tops politics.

Impeachment is dangerous and risky for our country, but the Founders gave us the process for a reason. More than ever, lawmakers must be impartial.
USATODAY.com - Published

Lessons to be learned from Bill Clinton's impeachment proceedings

Patrick Maney, a history professor and author of "Bill Clinton: New Gilded Age President," joins CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss the differences between the Clinton impeachment in 1998 and the current..
CBS News - Published

Politicians have used 'lynching' as a metaphor for decades, but has time changed its impact?

The "lynching" metaphor was used during Bill Clinton's impeachment, too.
USATODAY.com - Published

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