The Latest: China to begin vaccinating front-line workers

The Latest: China to begin vaccinating front-line workers


BEIJING — China says it will soon begin coronavirus inoculations for workers in health care, transport and border control.

The vice minister of the National Health Commission says the government is prioritizing those most at risk. Workers in logistics and in markets selling fresh meat and seafood would also be placed higher on the list of those receiving vaccines, along with the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.

Vaccines produced by Chinese companies are now pending approval in Turkey, Indonesia and Brazil, as manufacturers continue testing the vaccines in more than a dozen countries including Russia, Egypt and Mexico.

The United Arab Emirates last week announced the vaccine was 86% effective in the first public release of such information.

Even before final market approval, more than a million people have received vaccine shots in a program critics say has not been transparent about safety, efficacy or scientific merit.



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