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*Magazine highlights top businesses and people in Toronto, announcing winners of the 2020 awards *

*TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2020* / Media Central Corporation Inc. (CSE:FLYY)(FSE:3AT) ("MediaCentral" or the "Company") today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, NOW Magazine ("NOW"), has published its annual edition of the annual Readers' Choice Awards, marking 25 consecutive years of the awards.

NOW's annual Readers' Choice is a chance for readers to share what they love about Toronto - from restaurants and retail stores to drag performers, parks and politicians. With the negative impact of COVID-19 on small and local businesses, this issue is more important than ever, as it draws attention to the city's best loved businesses and people. The voting process is not only great exposure for the winners and runner-ups, but the nomination and polling periods give all local people, places and businesses increased visibility across the millions of readers who rely on NOW in print and online.

A Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey found that one in seven Canadian businesses may not survive the COVID-19 pandemic. NOW recognizes the impact of the pandemic on its city's local businesses, big and small, and knows that this year's awards bring much needed attention to ones that are excelling in their speciality. Acknowledging the nuances of 2020, NOW added new categories to reflect the ways life has changed during COVID-19, including Best Drive-In Venue, Best Virtual Fitness Instructor, Best Online Party Series and Best Face Mask Designer.

"This year, the pandemic forced us to push the Readers' Choice issue back a bit later than we normally run it, but we felt it was more important than ever to highlight businesses and cultural organizations struggling during the financial crisis," said Kevin Ritchie, Editor, NOW Magazine. "We've added new categories to ensure each poll reflects the changing ways people interact with local culture and business. In the spirit of the poll, we definitely welcome reader suggestions for new categories to add in next year. NOW Magazine has always been the voice of the city and this issue is a way of celebrating our readers' and their favourite places, people and things across Toronto."

Winners are typically a mix of independent and mainstream businesses and people. Although NOW has added new categories over the past 25 years, its readers' tastes can be consistent. For example, Ikea was voted Best Furniture Store in 1995 and again in 2020. Voters are also always on the cusp of trends. In 2019, NOW readers picked Priyanka as Toronto's best drag performer and she was featured on the cover. This year she won the reality competition TV series Canada's Drag Race.

The 25^th edition of NOW Readers' Choice awards will be on stands from November 19 to November 25, 2020.

The 2020 NOW Readers' Choice winners and runners up are:


· Best Artist Instagram

1. @Yovska
2. @ethanhanzelart

· Best Book Store

1. Glad Day Bookshop
2. Book City

· Best Independent Gallery

1. Black Artists' Network in Dialogue (BAND)
2. Blue Crow Gallery

· Best Museum

1. AGO
2. ROM

· Best Virtual Event

1. Queen West Art Crawl Virtual Online Festival 2020
2. The Cloth That Changed The World: India's Painted And Printed Cottons (ROM)


· Best Canadian Web Series

1. Queens
2. The Ninth

· Best Comedy Club

1. Comedy Bar
2. The Second City

· Best Drive-In Venue

1. Ontario Place Drive-In
2. 5 Drive-In

· Best Independent Film Venue

1. Revue Cinema
2. Fox Theatre

· Best Local Drag Performer

1. Halal Bae
2. Ivory Towers

· Best Site-Specific Theatre Company

1. Shakespeare In High Park (Canadian Stage)
2. Outside the March

· Best Theatre Company

1. Buddies in Bad Times
2. Soulpepper Theatre Company

· Best Small/Indie Film Festival

1. imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival
2. Regent Park Film Festival

· Best Streaming Service

1. Netflix
2. CBC Gem

· Best Virtual Cinema Platform

1. Hot Docs at Home
2. Bell TIFF Digital Cinema

· best virtual film festival

1. Hot Docs


· Best Label

1. Dine Alone Canada
2. Universal Music Canada

· Best LGBT Bar

1. Glad Day Bookshop
2. Crews & Tangos

· Best Live Music Venue -

1. Danforth Music Hall
2. The Horseshoe

· Best Local Online Concert

1. Great Canadian Dueling Pianos
2. Donavon's Anti-Social Gathering

· Best Music Streaming Service

1. Bandcamp
2. Spotify

· Best Online Party Series

1. Club Quarantine
2. Lavender

· Best Radio Station

1. CBC 99.1
2. Indie88

· Best Record Store

1. Sonic Boom
2. Rotate This


· Best Activist

1. Paul Taylor - FoodShare
2. Desmond Cole

· Best Activist Campaign

1. Black Lives Matter
2. Not Another Black Life

· Best Activist Group

1. Black Lives Matter -Toronto
2. Parkdale Organize

· Best Beach

1. Hanlan's Point Beach
2. Woodbine Beach

· Best Campground

1. Killarney Provincial Park
2. Bruce Peninsula

· Best City Councillor

1. Kristyn Wong-Tam
2. Gord Perks

· Best College

1. George Brown College
2. Humber College

· Best Continuing Education School

1. The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University
2. George Brown College School of Continuing Education

· Best Enviro Group

1. Climate Justice Toronto
2. Toronto Environmental Alliance

· Best Library

1. Toronto Reference Library
2. Bloor Gladstone

· Best Local Podcast

1. Do You Queer What I Queer?
2. JazzCast

· Best MP

1. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
2. Arif Virani

· Best MPP

1. Bhutila Karpoche
2. Jill Andrew

· Best Neighbourhood

1. Parkdale
2. Roncesvalles

· Best Park

1. High Park
2. Christie Pits

· Best Pool

1. Sunnyside
2. Christie Pits

· Best Radio Personality

1. Matt Galloway- CBC
2. Heather Bambrick - JAZZ.FM

· Best Skating Rink

1. Nathan Phillips Square
2. Greenwood

· Best University

1. University of Toronto
2. Ryerson University

· Best Youth Organization

1. LGBT Youth Line
2. Fridays for Future


· Best Accountant

1. Artbooks
2. D. Jae Gold

· Best Animal Hospital

1. Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic
2. Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic

· Best Art Supply Store

1. Above Ground Art Supplies
2. Curry's

· Best Bank or Credit Union

1. TD
2. Tangerine

· Best Barber Shop/Men's Salon

1. Hagen Hair & Barber
2. Glassbox

· Best Bicycle Store

1. Sweet Pete's Bike Shop
2. Batemans Bicycle Company

· Best Car Service

1. Master Mechanic High Park
2. Sunny's Auto Clinic

· Best Cell Phone Provider/Data Plan

1. Freedom Mobile
2. Telus

· Best Cleaning Service

1. Spotless in the 6ix
2. The Clean Clique

· Best Consignment Clothing and Accessory Store

1. Courage My Love
2. Common Sort

· Best Contractor

1. Nailed It! Toronto
2. Those Repair Guys

· Best Courier Service

1. Canada Post
2. Send-it Courier

· Best Developer

1. The Daniels Corp.
2. Streetcar Developments

· Best Dentist

1. Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates
2. St. Clair Dental Associates

· Best Design Firm

1. ERA Architects Inc.
2. AJ's Antique Revival

· Best Dispensary

2. Tokyo Smoke

· Best Flea/Local Market

1. Leslieville Flea
2. Arts market

· Best Florist

1. Wild North Flowers
2. Sweetpea

· Best Furniture Store

2. Structube

· Best Grocery Store

1. Fiesta farms
2. No Frills

· Best Hair Salon

1. Grateful Head
2. Civello

· Best Independent Jewellery Store

1. Made You Look
2. Edwards and Davies Jewellers

· Best Indie Men's Clothing Store

1. GotStyle
2. Uncle Otis

· Best Indie Women's Clothing Store

1. Coal Miners Daughter
2. Poa Studio

· Best Internet Provider

1. Teksavvy
2. Beanfield

· Best Jeans Store

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Body Blue

· Best Language School/Classes

1. George Brown College School of Continuing Education
2. Goethe-Institut Toronto

· Best Local Etsy Crafter

1. Sudsatorium
2. Ave Mariabell Designs

· Best Local Face Mask Designer

1. Peach Berserk
2. Peace Collective

· Best Local Jewellery Designer

1. Jenny Bird
2. Michelle Ross

· Best Manicure & Pedicure

1. The Ten Spot
2. Poa Studio

· Best Cannabis Strain

1. Girl Scout Cookies
2. Northern Lights

· Best meal kit service

1. Good Food
2. Hello Fresh

· Best Men's Shoe Store

1. Getoutside
2. The Australian Boot Company

· Best Nutritionist

1. Julie Daniluk
2. Joy McCarthy

· Best Online Only Local Retailer

2. Flamingo Market

· Best Optical Store

1. Eye Candy Opticians
2. Dresden Vision

· Best Organic Food Store

1. The Big Carrot Community Market
2. The Sweet Potato

· Best Pet Store

1. Pet value
2. The Dog Market

· Best Photography Store

1. Henry's
2. Downtown camera

· Best Piercing/Tattoo Store

1. Black Widow Tattoo
2. Bellwoods Tattoo

· Best Real Estate Agent

1. Alexandra Cote
2. Mia MacDonald

· Best Sex Supplies Store

1. Good For Her
2. Come As You Are Co-operative

· Best Spa

1. Body Blitz Spa
2. Poa Studio

· Best Sporting Goods Store

1. MEC
2. Sporting Life

· Best Tattoo Artist

1. Alanna Mule - Bellwoods Tattoo
2. Psych Young - PunkAssPiercing

· Best Therapist

1. Justin La Rose
2. Bronwyn Singleton

· Best Unique Gift Store

1. Outer Layer
2. Arts Market

· Best Vintage Clothing Store

1. Black Market
2. Public Butter

· Best Virtual Fitness Teacher

1. Jennifer Hicks- Nia Dance
2. Julie Sawchuck - bomb fitness

· Best Virtual Workout Studio

1. Bomb Fitness
2. The Pink Studio

· Best Women's Shoe Store

1. gravitypope
2. Getoutside


· Best African Restaurant

1. Lalibela
2. Ethiopian House

· Best Bakery/Bread

1. Blackbird
2. Mabel's Bakery

· Best Bar

1. Bar Raval
2. Shameful Tiki Room

· Best Barbecue

1. Beach Hill Smokehouse
2. Barque

· Best Barista

1. Maurice Hriech - Pilot Coffee
2. Camille Blott Pamarosa

· Best Bartender

1. Greg Howard - beerbistro
2. Sam Dobie - Round the Horn

· Best Beer Bar

1. The Only
2. Bar Volo

· Best Breakfast/Brunch

1. Maha's
2. Lady Marmalade

· Best Burger

1. The Burger's Priest
2. Rudy

· Best Burrito

1. Burrito Boyz
2. Fat Bastard Burrito

· Best Butcher

1. Sanagan's Meat Locker
2. The Healthy Butcher

· Best Caesar

1. Barque Smokehouse
2. Three Speed

· Best Cafe

1. Rooster Coffee House
2. Lazy Daisy's Café

· Best Caribbean Restaurant

1. The Real Jerk
2. Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen

· Best Cheap Eats/Meals Under $10

1. The Momo House
2. Fearless Meat

· Best Cheese

1. Cheese Boutique
2. Alex's Farms

· Best Chef

1. Aki Urata - Kinton Ramen
2. Patrick Kriss - Alo Bar

· Best Chicken Wings

1. Sneaky Dee's
2. Crown & Dragon

· Best Chinese Restaurant

1. Buddha's Vegetarian
2. Rol San

· Best Chocolate

1. Soma
2. ChocoSol Traders

· Best Cocktail Bar

1. The Shameful Tiki Room
2. Civil Liberties

· Best Deli

1. The Big Carrot Community Market
2. Fearless Meat

· Best Delivery Service

1. Fresh City Farms
2. Uber Eats

· Best Dessert

1. Heirloom Toronto
2. Nadege Patisserie

· Best Dim Sum Restaurant

1. Mother's Dumplings
2. Rol San

· Best Diner

1. The Lakeview
2. Skyline Restaurant

· Best Donut

1. Glory Hole Doughnuts
2. Bloomer's

· Best Dumplings

1. Mother's Dumplings
2. Momo Hut and Gardens

· Best Falafel

1. Maha's
2. Ghazale

· Best Fish

1. Hooked Inc.
2. De La Mer

· Best Fish & Chips

1. Harbord Fish and Chips
2. Off The Hook

· Best Food Truck

1. Heirloom Toronto
2. The Food dudes

· Best French Restaurant

1. Le Select Bistro
2. Alo

· Best Greek Restaurant

1. Mezes
2. Mamakas Taverna

· Best Ice Cream/Gelato

1. Ed's Real Scoop
2. Bang Bang

· Best Independent Brewery

1. Collective Arts
2. Left Field Brewery

· Best Indian Restaurant

1. Banjara
2. Lahore Tikka House

· Best Italian Restaurant

1. Terroni
2. Sugo

· Best Japanese Restaurant

1. Kinton Ramen
2. Kinka Izakaya

· Best Juice Bar

1. The Big Carrot Community Market
2. Village Juicery

· Best Korean Restaurant

1. Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
2. Korean Village

· Best Latin Restaurant

1. Pomarosa
2. Tacos el Asador

· Best Mexican Restaurant

1. Tacos El Asador
2. El Catrin

· Best Middle Eastern Restaurant

1. Tabule
2. Maha's

· Best Patio

1. El Catrin
2. The Three Speed

· Best Pizza

1. Libretto
2. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

· Best Poutine

1. Smoke's Poutinerie
2. Rudy

· Best Pub

1. House on Parliament
2. The Caledonian

· Best Ramen

1. Kinton Ramen
2. Ramen Isshin

· Best Restaurant

1. Lake Inez
2. Papyrus

· Best Roti

1. Mother India
2. Pam's Roti Shop

· Best Sandwich

1. California Sandwiches
2. Black Camel

· Best Seafood Restaurant

1. Rodney's Oyster House
2. Oyster Boy

· Best Server

1. Scotty Stiles - Mildred's Temple Kitchen
2. Charlie Nielsen - Mill Street Brewery

· Best Splurge Restaurant

1. Bar Isabel
2. Alo

· Best Sports Bar

1. The Dock Ellis
2. Real Sports

· Best Steakhouse

1. Barberian's Steakhouse
2. The Keg

· Best Thai Restaurant

1. Pai
2. Sukhothai

· Best Tea

1. Genuine Tea
2. David's Tea

· Best Tibetan

1. Momo Hut and Gardens
2. Tibet Kitchen

· Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant

1. Fresh
2. Planta

· Best Wine Bar

1. Le Select Bistro
2. Lake Inez

· Best Toronto Beer

1. Left Field Brewery
2. Blood Brothers


· Best Dating app

1. Bumble
2. Hinge

· Best Financial App

1. PC Financial
2. Mint

· Best Instagram Account - Personality

1. @parkdalelife
2. @shedoesthecity

· Best Instagram Account - Photography

1. @_qweenton
2. @wademuir

· Best Instagram Account - Pet

1. @estherthewonderpig
2. Miss.picklesthepug

· Best LGBTQ Dating App

1. Grindr
2. Scruff

· Best Local TikTok

1. oridaganjazz
2. Snarky Marky

· Best Local Twitch Streamer

1. Speakeasy Tattoo
2. Dungeon Dudes

· Best Local YouTube account

1. The Edgy Veg
2. Matty Matheson

· Best Organization App

1. Asana
2. Workday

· Best Recipe App

1. All Recipes
2. Forks Over Knives

· Best Self-Help App

1. Calm
2. Better Help

· Best Video Game

1. Animal Crossing
2. The Sims 4

· Best Virtual Learning App

1. Duolingo
2. Google Classroom

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