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Mozilla Firefox 82 Crashing Due to Antivirus Software

Softpedia Friday, 23 October 2020
Mozilla Firefox 82 Crashing Due to Antivirus SoftwareMozilla rolled out Firefox 82 a few days ago but the company now has to slow down the automatic rollout due to bugs reported by users. More specifically, TechDows has noticed two different widespread issues plaguing Firefox and which Mozilla has already acknowledged. The first of them concerns the printing issue, as some users discovered that printing receipts is no longer working as expected, and what they get is just a blank piece of paper. Mozilla has already started an investigation for this issue, and the company is now testing a fix in the most recent Firefox 83 beta build. Antivirus issues But what’s worse is that Firefox no longer seems to be playing nice with various antivirus products installed on Windows devices. The browser crashes on launch on devices where software developed by Symantec and Trend Micro is installed, and someone claims th...

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