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Flying Snakes? Here's How They Can Glide Through The Air [Video]

Flying Snakes? Here's How They Can Glide Through The Air

For some, the sight of a snake slithering on the ground is scary enough, so how about one launching itself through the air? Chrysopelea paradisi -- the paradise tree snake -- does just that, propelling..

Credit: KDKA CBS 2 Pittsburgh     Duration: 00:31Published
snake tease 7.1.20 gmk [Video]

snake tease 7.1.20 gmk

snake tease 7.1.20 gmk

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KYPublished
Researchers Reveal How Flying Snakes Glide Through the Air [Video]

Researchers Reveal How Flying Snakes Glide Through the Air

Virginia Tech researchers created 3D models of Paradise tree snakes gliding through the air. It's the only limbless animal capable of flight and now a new study reveals how they're able to move from..

Credit: AmazeLab     Duration: 01:22Published

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Flying snakes are able to glide across the air like acrobats. Here’s how they do it.

Humans have been studying so-called flying snakes for a very long time, but it's a recent research paper published in Nature Physics that shows exactly how they are able to pull off these miraculous..
Mashable - Published

Undulating their bodies keeps flying snakes from tumbling out of control

The work could eventually lead to a new control template for flying snake-like robots.
Ars Technica - Published

Researchers have figured out what flying snakes actually do when in the air

The mystery behind flying snakes has been solved by a team of researchers from Virginia Tech.
USATODAY.com - Published

Flying snakes undulate in midair while gliding from trees. Virginia Tech researchers used motion-capture cameras to find out why.

A team of researchers at Virginia Tech studied the undulations of the paradise tree snake to see what impact the movement had on its glide.
USATODAY.com - Published

Scientists Solve the Mystery of How Flying Snakes Glide in the Air

scientists solve the mystery of how flying snakes glide in the air
Scientists have long been studying the mechanism that makes flying snakes defy gravity. Thus, they performed experiments and finally unraveled the mystery behind the flying reptile.
HNGN - Published

Mystery of how flying snakes move is solved by scientists

Flying snakes are able to undulate their bodies as they glide through the air, and those unique movements allow them to make such flights, scientists have found.
FOXNews.com - Published

How Do Flying Snakes Glide Through the Air? ‘It’s Hard to Believe’

As they wiggle and undulate, the snakes are transforming their bodies for flight.
NYTimes.com - Published

How Snakes Fly (Hint: It's Not On A Plane)

A snake researcher always wondered how flying snakes propelled themselves. Then, someone told him he should work with the snakes in "The Cube" – a vast theater space with cameras everywhere.
NPR - Published