How Did This Weekend's Trump-Xi Meeting Affect Nvidia?
How Did This Weekend's Trump-Xi Meeting Affect Nvidia?

Nvidia is Real Money's Stock of the Day today.

Shares of Nvidia along with most chip makers are up today after a positive meeting between President Trump and China's President Xi at G20 over the weekend, where the two agreed not to impose any additional tariffs.

RELATED: Here's How Nvidia Can Deliver Gains in the Second Half Any good news on trade tensions is a benefit to Nvidia, since over 50% of their revenue comes from China.

Additionally, the rollback of Huawei sanctions could help ease concerns among investors about a potential hang up over the Mellanox deal, as China may look to green light the deal in a show of commitment to the negotiations.

Today, Jim Cramer told investors that "Nvidia can go much higher... if Nvidia gets that Mellanox deal, it goes to 200 in a snap." For more in-depth coverage on Nvidia get over to Real Money.

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