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VIDEO Poconos popcorn business to close doors at the end of the month

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
VIDEO Poconos popcorn business to close doors at the end of the month
VIDEO Poconos popcorn business to close doors at the end of the month


Wednesday and thursday typical that way all right, thanks kathy.

>>core business will close its stores at the end of the month wfmz emma wright has more on why the owners of pop corn buddha are not feeling very then.

>>it's known for having nearly every flavor of popcorn imaginable but at the end of the month, they're popping will stop and popcorn buddha will close up shop and streaming frustrating owner greg kampe iata says several factors led to the decision to close the stroudsburg based business he says slow sales coupled with a trademark dispute with another company have created financial trouble.

Camp yacht says he spent 10's of thousands of dollars fighting an online retailer who he says is using popcorn buddhist trademark name and similar logo to sell product.

I like to think that they.

>>came up with it on their own and didn't realize it we make you wonder, you mean, but i'm not we're going to speculate on that when the news of the imminent closed starting to spread.

>>campi otto says customer started flooding the business to grab what might be the last most of their favorite flavors but unfortunately, the latest sales aren't enough to make up for months of lacking business.

Popcorn butter regulars say it will be missed a huge loss to the kenyan know they 2 tons of fund raising they've always helped rpt owes.

>>they help softball with us.

They they donate to everything in.

I've used them for so many events greg campy otto says although this is the end, it's not goodbye.

He plans to relocate to the midwest close to where the court he uses a scroll and restart the business to focus more on online sales and eventually some day reopened the stretch bookstore, i hope.

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