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Florida Democrats Launch Voter Hotline

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Florida Democrats Launch Voter Hotline
The Florida Democrats launched a voter hotline to ensure voter protection

UNIT...FAILED TO CHECK ON HIMFOR ABOUT THREE HOURS THE NIGHTHE DIED.FLORIDA DEMOCRATS LAUNCHED A NEWTOOL THIS WEEK THEY HOPE WILLHELP FLIP FLORIDA BLUE.IT’S A STATEWIDE HOTLINE THATAIMS TO PREVENT VOTERSUPPRESSION.DEMOCRATS TELL OUR STATE CAPITOLREPORTER FORREST SAUNDERSTHEY’RE PUSHING BACK AGAINST THEGOP.REPUBLICANS SAY THEY’RE JUSTTRYING TO KEEP THINGS FAIR.Starting this week.NAT PHONE RININGYou dial this number.On the other en━"Voter protection."━A bunch of attorneys, staff andvolunteers, there to help if youthink something isn’t right."If someone is suppressing yourvote, I want to know about it."Florida Democrats launched thenew hotline this week as part ofa larger effort to ensure voterprotection ahead of 2020.Experts will answer questionsand track any suppressiontrends, then try to fix issuesbefore Election Day.(Terrie Rizzo, Florida DemocratsChair)"Democrats believe more peopleshould be voting and that allvotes should count."(TERRI 1:16)The party’s chair says theeffort isn’t so much aimed atsecuring votes from foreigninfluenc━ but the GOP.She cited recentRepublican-backed state law━like ensuring felons pay finesbefore they’re allowed to cast aballot."It started in the lastelection.

We’ve seen this trendnationwide.

In Florida, wewanted to be prepared."(TERRI 3:45)Democrats have a lot riding on2020.Several candidates for U-S Houseand the state’s electoral votesbeing key to winning the WhiteHouse.They’re facing a very organizedRepublican part━ whose chairsays the presidency is the topfocus.(Sen.

Joe Gruters, Florida GOPChair)"We are united behind a singlecandidate.

The Democrats have23.

They’re divided.

They’refractured."(GRUTERS 4:55)Gruters dismissed claimsRepublicans are suppressingvotes.He touted the governor’scommitment of funds to weed outvoting hackers in the nextcycle.And said the GOP’s votingpolicies are focused on a clearmission."Easy to vote, hard to cheat.People should be citizens.Residents.

We just want to makesure people do it the rightway."(GRUTERS 2:46)FORREST LL(Forrest Saunders,[email protected])If you want to call thathotlin━ it isn’t parti

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