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25 Teams in 25 Days: Pass Christian Pirates

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25 Teams in 25 Days: Pass Christian Pirates

25 Teams in 25 Days: Pass Christian Pirates

The 19th school on News 25’s “25 Teams in 25 Days” is less than 24 or 25 hours away from hitting somebody else.

On jamboree eve, Pass Christian can’t get year one of the Blake Pennock era started soon enough, coming off last year’s disappointing one win season.


25 Teams in 25 Days: Pass Christian Pirates

- the 19th school, on news 25's 2- teams in 25 days... is less tha- 24 -- - - - - or 25 -- hours away... from - hitting somebody else.- on jamboree eve... pass - christian can't get year 1 of - the - blake pennock era started soon- enough... coming off last year'- disappointing one-win season.

- and that's not gonna cut it for- the pirates, in 20-19... who- look- to do what no pass team... has- ever done before.

- - and now... news 25's 25 teams i- 25- days... sponsored by bienville- orthopedics.- nat ---> "ready, set, go!

Got t move!

Got to move, d-line!

Turn- around!

Turn around!"

"we won five games, went to the playoffs, hosted a playoff game- here.

And then next - season, we thought we were goin- to be going down the same path,- and it just went- downhill from there."

About this same time, last- year... life was good, at pass- - - - christian.

Coming off just thei- second home playoff game, in- school- history... the pirates picked u- right where they left off, in - 20-18...- with a crazy week 1 road- victory, at long beach... in th- oyster bowl.- "things were looking up, and then it just went all downhill.- - - - crashed."

"i think the main problem was we focused on that- one game.

That one- game, we just went for it.

And- then after that, we just lost - our focus for the rest of the - season."

Nine games later... the pirates- were staring dead in- the face, at a 1-9 season...- their worst showing, since- 20-13.- this year... pass christian has- a clean slate, under first-year- head coach blake pennock... who- - - - says the program... is far from- a sinking ship.

- "i've told this to people in th past.

I don't really feel like- we're taking over a 1-9 - program.

And coming from a- mindset of hoping we can do it- to expecting to do it.

And- that's the hardest thing to - change, probably most times it'- - - - the last thing to change becaus- you have to see evidence of - that."

"when he came into the locker room, he from the first day tol- us that we're going to- be a winning team and we all- bought in to his program.

And - we've all seen the- changes."

The biggest change pass - christian is striving to- make... is in the month of- november.

- believe it or not... the pirate- have never even gotten a- taste...- of the second round.- "just getting to the playoffs i a big thing around here.

But in- the pass christian- history, we have never won a- playoff game, so that's our mai- goal."

"it does need to change.

It absolutely needs to change.

Thi- place has the potential - to be successful and we have th- opportunity i think now to- hopefully change- that."

One step at a time, for the - - - - pass... who first needs to pump- the brakes, on that nine-game - losing streak.- after that... this year's - 17-member senior class, of 20-2- -- and- beyond -- has the chance to mak- - - - its own traditions... starting- with the grind... and the chase- nat ---> "grind on three, chase on six.

One, two three, grind!- four, five, six, chase!"

"you just look at the end of th road.

You see a prize, you're - going to chase it.- you're going to grind for it."

"the grind and the chase, it's literally just about we have a- goal.

And we're trying to - chase that goal.

We're trying t- chase a playoff win, alright?

- and those things, you - can't just speak those things - into existence.

You have to put- the work in, and that's - where the grind comes in.

And w- just want to try to make sure - we're reminded- everyday that we we have a goal- that we're trying to chase and- that we're going to put - in the work and we're going to- grind to get us to that goal."

- the pirates open up their 20-19- - - - campaign with long beach, yet - again... on august 23rd.- as for tomorrow... pass - christian travels to- gautier, for its jamboree...- slated

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