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Police standoff continues at Murphy Commons in Chico

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Police standoff continues at Murphy Commons in Chico

Police standoff continues at Murphy Commons in Chico

A police standoff at a Chico apartment complex is continuing through into the night.


Is tracking an active stand-off right now in chico.

This is at the "murphy commons" apartments, just behind marsh junior high.

All of this started with shots fire* at 7/11 near these two schools - which were both put on lock down.

We have reporter laura eng live at the scene of the stand off with officers and the suspect at murphy commons.

Laura - what are the latest developments?

Alan, chico police are still holding up a perimeter around the murphy commons apartment here just off of notre dame boulevard and humboldt road.

For hours now, we can hear chico police over a loudspeaker saying*put your hands in the air, come out with your hands u*.

Chico police have a swat team and a hostage negotiations team here.

There are several people waiting out here to get back into their apartments.

This is a look at what the standoff looked like earlier as the sun was setting.

Police were walking around with firearms, continuing to ask the suspect or suspects to come out.

This all follows a drive by shooting that happened in the 7- eleven parking lot on forest avenue.

Two men in a white truck were shot at while pulling out of the lot.

We spoke with the men who said they didn't see who shot at them.

The shooting prompted*little chico creek elementary schoo* and marsh junior high schoo* to go under lockdown.

Chico police were able to safely evacuate both schools shortly after.

We spoke with two parents tonight.

To find out there's an active shooter with all the stuff that's gone on around, it's very nerve wracking, pretty scared of course being the first day of school of course.

My son is a sixth grader so new to marsh and all those worries that go along with him going there and not expecting something like this we did ask chico police how many suspects they are negotiating with and what car they drove, but they would not give that information.

Chico police said there is a shelter in place for the apartments in this area.

I will stay out here and come back with another update shortly.

Live in chico laura eng, action news now.

Chico police said the two men who were shot at in the 7-eleven parking lot were not hurt.

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