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Sen. Bernie Sanders targets climate change, healthcare

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Sen. Bernie Sanders targets climate change, healthcare

Sen. Bernie Sanders targets climate change, healthcare

Climate change and Medicare for all were the hot topics during Sen.

Bernie Sanders' visit to the North State Thursday.

Hopeful bernie sanders spoke in chico today..

And action news now has team coverage of the event.

Our stephanie lin details was at the town hall and breaks down one of his main talking points.

Ll: senator bernie sanders has repeatedly called for president donald trump to acknowledge the realities of climate change, and it's a message he repeated here to the crowd at the masonic center.

Donald trump says that climate change is a hoax.

Donald trump is dangerously, dangerously wrong.

Speaking to a packed room of over 700 thursday... presidential hopeful bernie sanders tackled the climate crisis.

On this issue his ignorance will impact not just our country but the entire planet.

Unveiling his $16.3 trillion green new deal plan.

We are also going to create some 20 million new good paying jobs.

The plan, as outlined by the sanders campaign, would make massive investments in sustainable energy... with the goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy no later than 2030.

We are telling the fossil fuel industry that their short term profits are not more important than the future of this planet.

It gives me faith after the town hall ended - camp fire survivor susan dobera and her husband (john-michael sun) told me they are grateful to the senator for speaking to the connection between wildfires and climate change.

That there's a possibility that other places are not going to have to go through this if we use this as a cautionary lesson.

Using the terrible tragedy that you have experienced in paradise, use that to tell the people of america and the world, a community tied together by tragedy... banding together to support a candidate they believe will bring the change they seek.

One tragedy like this is one tragedy too much.

Ll: the senator has called climate change the single greatest threat to the planet.

Whether that messaging resonated with voters here remains to be seen in the polls.

Reporting in chico, stephanie lin, action news now.

Once sanders arrived -- supporters could barely contain their excitment.

Action news now reporter christina vitale joins us in the studio.

I spoke with people about what's important to them when choosing a presidential candidate, how they felt after sanders' speech and what stood out to them most.

Sot: its all really positive really energetic really inspiring i love seeing just gentle nice loving people in an area senator bernie sanders played to a packed house at the chico masonic family center thursday afternoon.

Sot: i wanna know that he's going to be representing me i wanna know that he's going to be representing the people that i care about mwaning the citizens of the united states more than the coorporations more than the one percent he speaks my language.

Sot: what i look for in a president is honesty and intelligence and just where the money should go how to investt he money how to invest the money back into the people and overall help our society help our economy as a whole sot: he admitted we all make mistakes and nobody's different even politicians sot: i feel like its important to choose somebody who wants to go down to your level they're not acting like they're above and beyond what the level that you're at.

The crowd of some 700 people cheered as they heard sanders talk about his platform and his plan.

Sot: i heard a man that is unlike any other politician that i have met and he is so authentic and he answers the truth he answers questions even if its not what the person wanted to hear.

People say they were even more of a sanders fan walking out the doors than they were walking in.

Sot: he doesn't need the music or the videos or anything like that he just brings it - his honesty and he knows what hes doing so i take away from this im going to promote him any way i can.

Christina, you spent the morning out at the town hall -- what was the energy of the crowd like?

Before sanders got to chico -- he visited the town of paradise.

We'll show you the meet and greet, coming up.# people began lining up to see sanders before 9am... and by 11am, there were more than 700 people lined up around the chico masonic family center... even though the sun beat down on them, many people said they didn't mind the heat, and they thought it was worth it.

One mom got her son out of school to see sanders speak in person, because she said his message was so positive.

I felt like it was such a good thing to bring him to a postiive message and i thought it was important that our world changes now so there's a better world for him in the future some people who were turned away because of a lack of space at the center were delighted to greet sanders' motorcade... they shouted their support and in return, got a wave from the

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