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Monday, March 1, 2021

Big Ticket - Manheim Central at Wilson WL

Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA
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Big Ticket - Manheim Central at Wilson WL
Big Ticket - Manheim Central at Wilson WL
Original Airdate: 9/13/19


And what's not driving a car sand here in the driver seat of the segment, how you know that that was exhilarating guys but maybe the only thing more exhilarating is get a little bit of revenge and that's what wilson has been doing this season.

>>took down central doffing a week one manheim central.

They got tonight at home looking to knock them off after the barents took down the bulldogs last season.

>>and wilson impressive this season on of their senior band before the game some wonderful doctor share the love 1st quarter we saw this play just a few minutes ago in peace can partners choice course and takes the handoff.

>>those on the outside a lockhart's tail back to the way pancake block there that's for courson.

>>sell touchdown makes it 7 nothing wilson pick things up 2nd quarter tied at 7 after a parent's touchdown.

Mason leonhardt i feel like every week is make a big play special teams picks it up picks up some blockers finds a sideline and he goes 90 yards for the score.

>>that makes up 14.

The 7.

>>bulldogs next drive near the barons were going to go away but here they are hunting own, adrian santana walks of ball be downed at the one at least one to walk free sunblock before.

Right up the gut there.

These for the bulldogs a 21 to 7 here come the barren seven-time an all-state quarterback rolls right throws the blown coverage the wide open that's a 48 yard score, cutting the wilson lead to 21 to 14 bulldogs answer right back caleb round drops that course and again just the moms out there for some 42 yard score back to a 14 point game 28 to 14 now 30 seconds left in the 1st half bulldogs at another score brown can't find one so keep some selfies a sprinter and eagles 45 yards for the touchdown.

3 total touchdowns for ground up, 35 to 14 at the break and check out this run by la carte takes the pitch makes one man miss sides to change reveal and he gets going can't the the winds up not scorn on this one he does get on down to the to 60 are in couple of plays later right here kind of jobs didn't.

Did all the work become a place before south.

So he johnson and bulldogs rushed for 320 yards for scores.

So if you tonight on the ground for wilson, defense also an evan simon space.

>>all night long all state quarterback going to rockers and wilson.

Hold the parents to 14 points another impressive performance by them for no percent since 2014, they went 14 and won that year and reach the


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