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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cowboys Report: Cowboys talk Packers Matchup

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Cowboys Report: Cowboys talk Packers Matchup
Cowboys Report: Cowboys talk Packers Matchup
Our own Tobin McDuff has the report from Frisco.

They get home field advantage sunday against the green bay packers.

The cowboys have won 12 of 18 home games... but as our own tobin mcduff explains...the only game which matters now in this series is sunday at at&t stadium 16-25 cole beasley 36-47 tyrone crawford 47-1:00 morris claiborne pkg: this sunday the dallas cowboys and the green bay packers meet for the 35th time in franchise history..each team having won 17 games.

The cowboys come in having won 13 games for just the third time in franchise history.

The packers enter on a 7-game win streak (cole beasley/cowboys wide receiver) the team that wins at the end are the teams that are at their best at the end.

They definitely peaked at the right time.

Hopefully we'll be able to slow them down and i have confidence that we will.

It's no secret who the cowboys defense has to contain...quarterba ck aaron rodgers who has thrown for nearly 4,500 yards and 40 toucdowns.

It will take a team effort.

Tyrone crawford/cowboys defensive tackle we just try to keep him in the pocket.

Obviusly there is going to be plays where he gets out because that's what he does.

He gets out of the pocket well.

We're gonna work out butt off this week to make sure that doesn't happen.

Morris claiborne/cowboys cornerback aaron back there buying time and the receivers getting downfield, stretching the field out.

We just have to play to the whistle, stay on our guys and on the back end not look in the backfield.

Just stay on our guys as long as we can.

So let's take a trip out to frisco..

Home of the star - the cowboys new practice facility.

That's where we find our very own tobin mcduff... who will bring you cowboys reports right here on local two all week.

Peter tobin now joins us live..

Can this pass rush keep rodgers from running and gunning?

Mcduffanator "the packers are playing super well.

7 in a row.

Like seriously who can stop aaron rodgers.



The man.

The legend.

He even has a cute dog.

But i digress... the cowboys are the best team and they will win.

I forgot i was in texas for a second."

The cowboys might be a bit more healthy... the packers are hot... but does a team's momentum even matter walking into at&t stadium?

Mcduffanator "maybe.

Maybe not.

Sometimes you win the golden pony.

Sometimes you climb the giant beanstock."

Peter thanks tobin.

He'll be here all week cowboys and packers..

Sunday... 3:40 p.m.

On fox.

High school girls hoops now.

First at the chap for some district ball permian..



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