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Osprey stands put up

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Osprey stands put up
Eagle Scout project helps osprey

>>>chandi lowry: osprey were on the verge of extinction in our area several decades ago..

But now they are on the comeback.

The birds have new places to nest thanks to a boy scout... the pennsylvania game commission and p-p-l.

Wfmz's cali desimone has the details.

>> reporter: osprey-- also known as a fish eagle and a sea hawk.

They are a fish-eating bird of prey that can tolerate a wide variety of habitats, but were nearly wiped out by man decades ago... today, man is helping this bird.>> garrett demkovitz- eagle scout project"i decided to do an osprey nesting platform as an eagle scout project.">> reporter:this is the third osprey nesting platform garrett demkovitz has helped with... this platform is located at the beltzville lake.

>> garrett demkovitz- eagle scout project "what we're doing is building 3 x 3 platforms that are made out of hemlock and putting them on a 60 telephone pole i'm working with ppl and the game commission">> richard fritsky- pa game commission "it's a really great opportunity when we can work together with private industry.">> nats?>> joe nixon - ppl electric "it's about helping me environment and helping the osprey flourish."

"the osprey was almost wiped out back in the 70's due to pesticides.">> nats?>> reporter:these platforms are also being put up at an ideal time of year for the bird.

>> joe nixon - ppl electric "the hope is that osprey will come and nest and nesting season starts in about a month.">> reporter:teamwork between a teen, a private company and a government organization.a common goal to help this species thrive.

>> garrett demkovitz- eagle scout project"it feels really cool a good accomplishment wow i actually put this all together to put that up there.">> reporter:cali desimone reporting for 69

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