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Election results from around Middle Georgia

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Election results from around Middle Georgia

Election results from around Middle Georgia

Elections from around Middle Georgia, including Peach County, Jones County, Crawford County,


Percent candidates: jo ann dankel: 34 percent ralph davis: 2 percent jamie johnson: 10 percent barbara williams: 54% candidates: marvin crafter: 46 percent drenon everett: 18 percent constance rainey: 36 percent candidates: anthony clark: 44 percent carla gowen: 56 percent candidates: al horton 62 percent ralph lambert: 38 percent candidates: ed barbee: 63 percent james collins 37 percent ed barbee: 63 percent james collins 37 percent candidates: kema greene clark: 72 percent ken tapee: 28 percent candidates: richard tipton: 39 percent david tufts: 61 percent candidates: jay andrews- 66% 34% candidates: billy bassett: 19 percent charles cook: 21 percent joe mathews: 49 percent clay moncrief: 11 percent candidates: bobby joe daniel: 34 percent ervin patton: 30 percent sherry thompson: 36 percent yes-73% no-27% no-27% candidates: george emami- 68% randy gonzalez- 2% barry s.

Peters-30% candidates: steve coleman- 41% priscilla grant doster- 59% yes- 88% no- 12% yes- 58% no- 42% yes- 58% no- 42% candidates: glenn bruce harris- 76% thomas 24% candidates: kenneth bell: 25 percent jimmy bray: 30 percent freddie golphin: 28 percent jerry haugabook: 17 percent candidates: james clark- 27% james culver- 18% r.

Allen haywood- 31% paul mcghee- 24% hazel hill- 1% you'll find all of the results c1 3 b15 from tonight's elections by visiting our website 41 n- b-c dot com.

Just go to the homepage and click the election

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