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Midmorning With Aundrea (Part 1) - December 11, 2017

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Midmorning With Aundrea (Part 1) - December 11, 2017
Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

A new seasoncould your air bnb host be secretly recording you?

A look at an investigation.

And, tips to protect your skin from the cold dry air of winter.

Plus, more merry music to celebrate the season.

Midmorning starts right now.

Wa g rntab a warning about the dangers of using counterfeit makeup and other knockoff products.

U-s customs and border protection seized a record number of counterfeit goods last year, worth nearly 1.4 billion dollars.

One of their top priorities is spotting fake toiletries that can be hazardous to your health.

Jamie yuccas reports.

These customs officers are the first line of defense for catching illegal shipments.

And while the products here may be áfakeá... they can have very árealá health consequences for consumers.

"hey love welcome back to my channel&" beauty blogger tanya arguelles found that out first hand when she purchased a popular eyeshadow from this downtown los angeles street market last year.

U-s customs officers say most of the discounted goods sold here likely snuck in under the radar at sea ports like long beach.

"i just wanted t know, can this possibly be as good as the 50 dollars i just spent?

She tested both eye shadows and when she woke up the next morning& "my eye's reall uncomfortable and it's really itchy, it's burning pretty badly at this point.

I'm going to have to go to the doctor to get this checked out."

Within the first 45 minutes& i realized that it was an eye infection, i wasn't able to get my contacts on.//i looked back at the footage and it was on the fake side.

100 percent.

Arguelles isn't alone.

Other people who've used counterfeit makeup have reported allergic reactions, skin rashes, swollen lips, and chemical burns.

We wanted to find out how easy it is to find these products so we went shopping undercover at the same downtown alley.

Most of the fake make up sold here is half the price of the original.

Some vendors admitted the products were knockoffs but assured us they were just as good.

"it works th same thing as the original."

Back at arguelles' studio... we compared our purchases with the ásameá makeup from traditional retail stores.

The packaging is nearly identical.

"wow that' interesting."

Some fake makeup& made in factories like these& has reportedly been found to contain dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, mercury and aluminium.

We sent the fake and real versions of this mac lipstick and this jacklyn hill eye shadow palette to a lab& where they were tested for 12 different metals.

Most concerning... some of these eyeshadows in the fake palette had nearly four times the amount of lead as those in the real version.

In one -- the amount exceed the f-d- a recommended maximum of 10 parts per million.

The fake lipstick had nearly 15 times the amount of lead as the real thing.

"often th unsafe consumer goods are made in factories// have unsanitary conditions// so the quality is not to what you need it to be."

Customs and border protection says these counterfeit products are costing the cosmetic industry about 75 million dollars a year.

They say reducing the amount of fake products smuggled into the country could be as simple as educating customers.

"the furthes they think is i'm just buying a fake palette, they dont think that there could be ingredients in here that could put by health at risk."

Fake products like this make-up aren't just sold in downtown los angeles.

Costumers need to pay close attention to hot ticket items they find online, if the prices seem too good to be true.

Arguelles says the best way to know you are getting the real thing is to log onto the cosmetic company's official website to find out where their items are sold.

Jamie yuccas, cbs news, long beach, california.

Air-b-n-b is trying to reassure its customers amid reports of hidden cameras being found inside some of its rental properties.

The company tells cbs news it, quote, "take privacy extremely seriously and there is absolutely no place in our community for this kind of behavior."

Anna werner has more.

"i was like this could be th day that i get killed or worse, i don't know."

22-year-old meghan hilden from washington state was in switzerland in 20-16 when she says a friend discovered a cell-phone under the sink in the bathroom at their air-b-n-b.

"we saw th phone was filming and we were whispering and trying to be very quiet // we weren't sure if it was being live streamed."

Soon after, hilden says they found an ipad áalsoá recording.

They quickly left, and reported the incident to the company.

"it was just lik very scary and i kind of felt like it was one of those moments where if we don't get our stuff together something very bad could happen."

There has been other similar incidents.

In late november, activist and filmmaker jason scott tweeted his colleague found a camera disguised in a motion detector at an air-b-n-b.

The company called the discovery "incredibly rare, and said the host was banned.

And in october, an indiana couple said they found a camera in a smoke detector in the bedroom at their air-b-n-b in florida.

The home owner was arrested for video voyeurism.

"simply put property owners can be peeping toms."

Cameron russell is a professor at fordham law.

"can someon actually legally do this?

Can they put a camera in a place that you're renting on airbnb?"

"it's conceivabl if they gave you enough specific notice that they were going to do this -" "writte notice?"

"written notice notice as to the locations of the camera and that you willingly consented to them."

In june, a german tourist settled with air-b-n-b for an undisclosed amount after allegedly finding a hidden "remote controlled camera" at property in california.

Hilden said while air-b-n-b refunded her for the switzerland stay, and reimbursed her for other travel expenses, she still felt it wasn't enough.

"i think that tha was pretty much the bare minimum of what they could have done to help us out // for all we know he still has the videos that were on the ipad."

The company told us around two million people use air-b- n-b on any given night, and they are always willing to work with law enforcement when complaints are made.

Experts say there are a few things you can do to protect yourself: invest in a digital device detector, search rooms, or use a flash light to try to spot lenses.

Anna werner, cbs news, new york.

Dry, itchy skin?

You're not alone.

A guide to getting through the winter ahead on mid morning.

Thfda the fda recently approved a new device that could help some people cope with chronic pain without using prescription pain killers.

It's a small, implantable spinal nerve stimulator.

Dr. tara narula reports.

Connie hanafy had a passion for riding dirt bikes.

Then, minor leg surgery sidelined her with crippling pain.

Steroid shots, seizure medications, nerve blocks, and physical therapy - did not bring relief.

Because of her own family history of addiction, connie refused prescription painkillers.

Ch: the pain is prescription painkillers.

Ch: the pain is constant it's shooting, it's every type of pain you could ever imagine, all in one so unbearable, the single mother of 2 considered amputating her leg.

Then connie learned about a spinal stimulator that zaps pain.

She decided on surgery to implant the device in her back.

She is sedated but awake..

Nat-i can feel that at the bottom of my foot ..giving real-time feedback so the stimulator wires can be placed in the right spot on her spine.

Nat connie: oh, that's perfect spinal nerve stimulators use electrical pulses to block the pain signal to the brain.

They've been used for decades, but previous models were bulky and need frequent charging.

This summer, the fda approved the smallest implantable device --about the size of a pacemaker .

In the recovery room, connie feels a tingling in her leg- i feel it oh, i can feel it!

Cries youssef josephson is one of the first doctors trained to treat patients with medtronic's new implant.

Most patients will report at least a 50% reduction in pain.

Two weeks after surgery, connie's pain has dropped from level 9 to 2.

Tara: so is there something that you want other people who might be suffering with pain to know from your story?

Prescription medication, although it does help people, that's not the only answer.

And if that's not something you wanna do, seek out other options.

She has a long road ahead but she has her life back.

Dr. tara narula, cbs news, deptford, nj this implant ádoesá carry risks, like bleeding and infection.

Spinal cord stimulators are not appropriate for every kind of pain.

They are best for people with back and limb pain, who may have failed back or disk surgery, and other conditions.

Cold air.

Low humidity.

It can lead to dry, cracked skin.

Kim hutcherson gives you some tips on how to make sure you're keeping your skin protected during the cold, dry winter months.

The cold dry winter air can be rough on anyone's skin.

Especially those who suffer from psoriasis... a skin disorder in which the body's own immune system becomes overactive and attacks normal tissues.

Cold air has an extraordinarily low moisture content, which can steal moisture from the skin.

So be sure and protect yourself this winter by covering up outdoors.

Layer up and use moisturizers before you go outdoors.

Indoors- cut down on those long hot showers.

Experts says they strip natural oils from the skin.

Also use a thick, fragrance- free body cream after showering.

Also make sure you are using the right soap.

Also make sure you are using the right soap.

Switch to a moisturizing soap and ditch the scented body wash to avoid itchy winter skin.

And a reminder- just because it's winter and less daylight doesn't mean you shouldn't be using sunscreen.

Good news for cheese lovers.

A new study indicates that a little bit of cheese might actually be good for you.

The study found people who ate small amounts of cheese daily were less likely to have a stroke or develop heart disease than people who abstained or ate it rarely.

Researchers from china and the netherlands looked at information from 200- thousand people, gathered in 15 studies.

The data showed a 14-percent reduction in the chances of developing coronary heart disease for people who consumed lots of cheese and a ten-percent reduction in the chances of having a stroke, compared to people who never ate cheese or ate it rarely.

But researchers warned those who got the most benefit were eating just under an ounce- and-a-half a day ... about the size of a matchbook.

When we come back, a look at how some dogs are training to help athletes.

That story when mid morning returns.

E oncbs go the cbs ongoing series "a mor perfect union" aims to show that what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us.

The latest installmment focuses on guide dogs.

An estimated 10- thousand blind americans use them.

Now there is a growing effort to train dogs not just to be guides, but áalsoá to be athletes.

Don dahler introduces us to the canines that are helping blind runners keep a foot in the race.

Thomas panek // ceo guiding eyes for the blind time: :46-:50, :58-1:02 notes: lower - intro'd in track 2.

Ben cawley // director of running program at guiding eyes for the blind notes: lower - intro'd in track c'mon gus, let's go!

One stride at a time, tom panek and his guide dog gus inch closer to their goal.

The two have been traing in local parks like this for over three years with the hopes of competing in an officially- sanctioned long distance race... it's never been done before.

I have been running my whole life.

// i ran on my cross- country team in high school, and i ran as a young adult.

Panek is the c-e-o of guiding eyes for the blind - a non-profit program that provides guide dogs and services at no cost to the blind community.

He lost his sight twenty five years ago...and with it, his independence.

Dd: when you lost your sight did you keep running?

Tp: no.

When i lost my sight i was too scared to run.

As he adjusted to his blindness, he began running with a human guide...but it wasn't the same.

Panek still lacked the independence he once had.

And although many people run with running clubs, at the end of the day you're running your own race.

And when you're tied to another person, it's no longer your own race.

// the independence isn't quite there.

We first caught up with panek two years ago, when he became the ceo of guiding eyes for the blind.

The idea of a running guide program was first suggested by former marine richard hunter, who was blind and looking to get back running.

The two met at the boston marathon in 2015.

Richard shouted out and said "// i' really curious, have you ever trained a guide dog to run?"

An i said, 'i don't know.

It hasn't been done.

A few months and intense training sessions later, the running guide program was born.

Panek and a small team helped train klinger, a german shepherd, to aid richard with running.

Baseline skill set for a guide dog and running dog are the same.

// they're looking for overhead obstacles and making sure that the person who's blind like me remains safe as we're mobile.

But it wasn't until recently that the program would involve racing.

And panek would become its first competitive runner.

He formed a team of experts to train a small group of dogs - mostly labrador retrievers and german shepherds, to run long distances.

The dogs begin their training at 18-months-old.

And, it's an exclusive club&out of 165 graduate dogs, only an estimated 12 are considered race ready.

Ben cawley manages the guiding eyes running program just 40 miles north of new york city.

He works with a small team of trainers everyday on over 300 distinct skills that include endurance, agility and awareness.

Dd: how early do you know whether a dog is gonna fit in with that program?

Bc: so we do an initial evaluation run, and it's usually pretty obvious at that point on that run.

// they're willing to go faster and they enjoy the running.

But the team's ultimate test would be a five mile race through new york's central park...just one week before the new york city marathon.

It was panek and gus' first competitive race.

Before the race, panek was overcome with emotion&wiping away his tears of appreciation to the dog who gave him his independence back.

Once the race began, it was like a walk in the park...complete with their own cheering section.

Every two miles, the duo made precautionary pit stops - giving gus a need water break and getting his pulse and paws checked by a vet.

Despite the unforgiving weather and hoards of runners... the team finished strong.

And crossing that finish line, you know it was a momentous occasion for me.

The bond between runner and man's best friend grows... we did it together, right gus?

One stride at a time... good job buddy!

For c-b-s this morning, don dahler, yorktown heights, new york.

When we come back, our faves - the piano guys with an amazing video for christmas.

Mid morning will be back in a moment.

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