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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Mardi Gras Indians Lafayette

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Mardi Gras Indians Lafayette
Mardi Gras Indians Lafayette
Mardi Gras Indians Lafayette

3 áááadamáá} while the mardi gras parade rolled during the day, the mardi gras indians came out to party during the evening.

News 15's phillip boudreaux is live in the studio.

Phil, what's so special about this ááááphillipáá} the mardi gras indians put their own spin on native american tradition and combine it with culture.

[take pkg{ááápkgáá}<"oh na-nayyyy, na na, nayyy"big chief mike chiasson was the first mardi gras indian to arrive at heymann park."i build my own suit every year."

He has been involved with the group since 2002."even though i got my style out of new orleans from watching big chief tootie montana, john adams, that was a stable right here in mccomb."natsthen t.j.

Lewis showed up shortly after.nats"i drew inspiration from a bunch of the old school mardi gras that's been in the area and just came up with an inspiration.

The theme is lafayette creole culture, something for the creole culture and veazy area."nats lewis says the mardi gras indians have always been a part of his life, but this is the first time he's designed his costume....and it took a year to do it.definitely worth it.

15 minutes in this thing to make the family proud.

Something for the community to come out and see to keep the tradition going and it's worth all of the time spent."it's all about paying tribute to their hometown"it's just the fellowshipping with the people.

Seeing people that you hadn't seen in a while and getting the kids out here to have fun and enjoy themselves.

"oh na-nay early in the morning, oh na-nay, run get your mama...."

This was the 30th year of the mardi gras indians in lafayette.

Live in the studio.