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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Behind the Wheel: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

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Behind the Wheel: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas
Behind the Wheel: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

News 3 goes behind the wheel with Harvey Briggs to check out Volkswagen's latest SUV.

Team during the 2006 winter games.

Selling s-u-v's in america has been pretty easy for automakers.

Except for volkswagen.

V-w introduced it's first s-u-v, the toureg in 2003 and followed up with the smaller tiguan a few years later.

Neither one caught on.

But the german carmaker is hoping to turn that around with its all new 20-18 atlas.

Let's check it out as we head behind the wheel with harvy briggs.

"this is a big all american suv, (laughs), it is it's made in chattanooga, tennessee."

"this is as american as a ford or a chevy.

Pretty much, i mean the volkswagon group came at this vehicle and said we need an suv for america."

And this is what they came up with.

The atlas.

A vehicle aimed directly at the american style, three row crossover bull's-eye.

And this vehicle is massive.

Almost five inches longer than the honda pilot or ford explorer, it's direct competition.

"this has to be one of the biggest vehicle ever to wear that badge.

I think it is the largest volkswagon ever."

And that's the idea here.

A family vehicle with a lot of room.

"a lot of room.

A lot of room in the second row and when you get into the third row you got, you know you can climb in here and as you pull the seat back, sorry, as you pull the seat back that's adjustble up on the front, s i could give you more room give me more or less leg room osrry harvy, sorry...there is a usuable third seat."

After a quick visit to the chiropractor we were back on the road.

Our test car is a top of the line sel premium with a v6 and all wheel drive.

Completely loaded it stickers just shy of 50 thousand dollars.

The base 4 cylinder starts around 31- thousand but harvey thinks the v6 is a better bet.

"from a performance stand point it's right where it needs to be for a vehicle like this, because you don't buy a vehicle like this to be excited about what you're driving, right, you enjoy it and it gets you where you need to go but it doesn't, this is about comfort this is about space this is about utility and that's what this car does really well."

"it's that nice balance between a european and an american feeling, i do think volkswagon does interiours very very well.

I love the electronic digital dash on this.

This is an upgrade and it only comes in the high level premium trims but this digital dash is really nice the way you can reconfigure it a number of different ways, put the navigation in the center of it so it's always right in front of you."

So harvey likes the style of the atlas, the tech is next generation and thr roomyness is best in class.

However, mileage is not.

17 in town, 23 on the highway with the v6.

Long term reliabilty has also been a vw concern, that's yet to be determined with the atlas.

And it's boxy styling does have a drawback.

"because of the areodynamtic profile of this there's a lot of wind noise coming across so if you 're driving on the highway, the ride is great, the suspension is terrific, the motor you have all the power you need but it's a little noisy."

"when you look at the competition, when you look at the honda pilot, you look at the ford explorer you look at say the chevy traverse, this to me is right up at the top of the class."

How important is this vehicle to them?

It's really important and that's probably whey they named it atlas because it's carrying the weight of it's brand on it's shoulder."

Friday's during lent are meat- free... but that doesn't mean they can't be delicious.

Madison college chef kevin appleton is in studio this morning... with two recipes you can whip up over the next few weeks!

That's next on news 3 this morning saturday.

...and that's your first alert forecast the 40-day lent season underway..

Which means observers must refrain from eating meat on certain days... which is why we turned to our friends at madison college... this is chef kevin appleton... teaching us how to prepare a fish and vegetable dish.

Good morning!

From a concert to a futuristic art exhibit... it's a busy weekend around madison... the weekend 608 is next on news 3 this morning saturday.

But first if you have a little kid turning 3 soon, please let us know so we can show their picture on tv.

We don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's.

We serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod.

This cod grows in water that is cold, clean and pristine, full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish.

This is the way we ship it to your restaurants.

It's not pre-breaded.

So not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way.

That's remarkable.

And we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that.

This is the best fish sandwich in america.

"welcome to delicious!"

Wisconsin over the weekend.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy, breezy, and mild with rain developing, although some snow may be mixed with the rain, mainly well northwest of madison; high temperatures will be in the lower 40s.

The precipitation will change to snow saturday night with minor accumulation possible, mainly north of wisconsin dells.

More than a half an inch of rain is possible in some areas from saturday night into sunday morning.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy and breezy before skies become partly sunny.

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Monday and tuesday will be partly sunny and mild with high temperatures in the middle to the upper 40s.

A slight chance of rain or snow showers is possible on tuesday night.

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Low: 32 high: 37 we've been asking you to share your morning with us.

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What does your morning look like?

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We'll share our favorites... right here on news 3 this morning.

It's weekend in the six oh eight... and here's a look at what's going on around town!

For all those big picture thinkers out there, this would be really interesting... do you ever step out of your daily grind to wonder about the future...more specifically, what could madison look like 75 years from now?

Find out at the james watrous gallery in the overture center, which is exhibiting "future possible: imagining madison" until april 15th artists, architects and designers share their big ideas for buding projects and energy usage, present artwork and illustrate their idealism as well as their concerns.

"future possible" is made possible by a grant from the madison community foundation, now in its 75th year.

They say that solidarity is the key to surviving and prevailing through motherhood.

So why not grab your favorite mom friends and get ready to laugh.

Standup comediennes, moms and long- time friends shayna ferm and tracey lee offer a "parentally incorrect" night away from the kids with their "pump and dump show" tonight at the barrymore theatre.

The comedy show, geared toward mothers, includes musical numbers, games and audiences members sharing their crazy kid stories.

The fun begins at eight!

Come celebrate diversity all-day at the international festival.

The day will include more than 30 free performances by dane county artists-including the u-w russian folk orchestra, st.

Zion gospel choir, lulu swing and traditional dance by irish, afro-brazilian, indian, southwest asian, spanish, lithuanian, greek, mexican and bolivian troupes.

A world market and caf will round out the experience.

Great food, great music - the festival is from 10:30 - 4:30 and an evening ticketed concert follows at 8pm all at the overture center.

And if you still have energy to head out sunday night... a master of folk rock, punk rock, and alt rock...ani difranco... heads to the overature for a 7-30 show.

After releasing 20 albums on her own label and now raising a 4- year-old daughter, the self-described little punk folksinger is as invested in her artistry and social justice issues as ever before.

Difranco promises to bring a political show sunday to the capitol theater.

Get this month's madison magazine for all the best of the madison area.

Tuesday is international polar bear day ... but we and