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Sunday, January 24, 2021

300 jobs coming to West Point

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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300 jobs coming to West Point
300 jobs coming to West Point
April 30, 2018

City of west point... more jobs because of an investment from a tuscaloosa alabama company... wayne hereford joins us live from west point with more on the announcement.

Thank you.

300 new jobs 40 million dollars in investment.

That was the announcement made here this morning as representatives of peco as well as city and county leaders state leaders and others were on hand here in west point.

This was an announcement received with open arms by those here in west point.

Because as one economic developer put it that was a time when the clay county had one of the highest unemployment rates than the state of mississippi at 22%.

But those days are behind the county now since the opening of yokohama tires and now another major manufacturing plant in peco.

We are told that local people are so excited that many of them showed up this morning 15 or 20 to be exact to put in job applications.

But it will be months before those jobs start.

Behind me is a building that once belonged to the sara lee corporation before it left west point some years ago but it is a perfect facility for pico which is a poultry foods manufacturer.

I'll have more on this story later tonight on wtva 9 news but for now reporting live from west point i'm laying hereford wtva 9 in.

At , we're giving you a live look through our tupelo


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