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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Prep basketball highlights from Monday

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Prep basketball highlights from Monday
Prep basketball highlights from Monday
A doubleheader before the snow kicks in, Clear Lake and Mason City in action.

They can beat us."

Big night for hoops in north iowa, clear lake hoped to keep it's undefeated season alive against webster city.

Clear lake off to a slow start..

Henry hoverston finds his way to the hoop with a nice spin move.

Lynx at it againá áthis time tyler olsen off the inbound off the glass at early lead, but lions fighting back quickáá drew enke with the nice drive and two.

Pass low here to brad penning he puts it off the glass.

And if it works stick with itáá penning again off the glass for two.

Just keep adding them on tate storbeck drills the three.

Lions win this one 52 to 51.

Lady lions hungry for a win tonight.

Lexi fasbender with some nice foot work here gets herself to the rim and two points.

Oh... and she does it again this time for three that's good.

Off the steal julia merfeld gets an easy layup here.

Here she is againááanother layup lions holding on to a close one.

Another steal pass here to merfeld and she takes it all the way again.


The lions go on to win this one 62 to 34.

Mohaks clinching a tight lead late.

Ann lensing pick drives this one back easy layup and the foul.

But the rams charging back that's larkinsáá rams go up by a couple.

Mohawks fighting to stay in the gamemegan myer drills the threeááthere within one.

Jaeda whitner pass to anna deets and she finds the easy layup.

Mohwkas cant hang on though the mohwaks looking for their fourth straight win tonight.

First quarter down low to jeffrey skogan junior he makes the layup look easy.

Rams holding tight finding malichai williams underneth for two.

Good ball movement here miller to toney to austin richardson for the finish.

What this block toney coming in clutch he drives it back looks and just drills the three.

Mohawks go on to win their fourth straight.

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