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Somali Refugees in MN

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Somali Refugees in MN

Somali Refugees in MN

A look at reaction to Trump's comments on immigration and Somali refugees during his rally in Minneapolis

Continuing coverage of president donald trump's campaign rally in minneapolis... which kimt news three's brooke mckivergan and i brought you live team coverage of all last night... minnesota democrats are condemning the president for criticizing their state for welcoming so many somali refugees.

Kimt news three's annalise johnson joins us now with the details.


Xxx at his keep america great rally in target center á president trump said the city and state had allowed refugees in without considering the impact.

Trump said no refugees should be placed in any city or state without permission from the mayor or governor.

The mayor of minneapolis responded on twitter... tweeting quote "consent given.

Immigrants and refugees are welcome in minneapolis."

According to the minnesota department of public health á more than 23á thousand somilian refugees have moved to the state since 1993.

That includes a large somali population right here in rochester.

Xxx nat: "did not want to be killed.

So they left their homeland, their country, and life as they had known it."

In june of summer 2018 á asha aden shared her family's story at rochester's "keep families together" rally.

Her parents came to minnesota as somali refugees.

Aden is attending college in iowa á so i spoke to her on facetime about president trump's criticisms of minnesota's somali refugee community.

"the preamble of the constitution starts with the words we the people, not i the person.

I don't understand why we wouldn't want to be a welcoming country.

We should keep our arms open and be able to welcome every single person that wants to enter this country and look at it as a positive thing, not a negative thing" now that minneapolis mayor frey has weighed in á i asked rochester mayor kim norton for (her stance if mayors were required to give permission for refugees to be placed in their cities.

"rochester has a long history of accepting refugees from other countries that go through proper channels.

I've been contacted by catholic charities refugee resettlement already, asking if this comes through the secretary of state's office and lands on my desk, would i sign it?

I told them i certainly would be interested in doing that, it will have to go to the city council however for a vote."

"a part of his rally, when he mentioned the somalis, the crowd started to boo and to just boo and be negative toward a large group of people like that is really concerning because these are your fellow human beings.

These are people who are in need of a home, and are your fellow minnesotans too.

They're not just immigrants and refugees, they're human beings."

At the rally á president trump expressed he thinks democrats would throw open the nation's borders if they regain power.

George./// thank you annalise.

Minnesota's senior uás senator amy klobuchar tweeted that president trump should quote "stop using immigrants and refugees as political pawns."///

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