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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 29, 2019 (Part 2)

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Doctors keep telling us: get your flu shot.

What to expect from this flu season just ahead.

Plus, the last leg of a long walk with singer- songwriter, Mike Posner.

Nger singer- songwriter, mike posner , just áwalkedá more than 28- hundred miles across america.

The musician behind hits like " took a pill in ibiza " says he pushe himself to live in the ápresent,á after coping with depression and the deaths of loved ones.

Jamie yuccas was with him when he took his first steps back in april in asbury park, new jersey.

She talked to him about completing his epic journey.

"walked acros ohio, took me 50 days."

Each step 31 year old artist, mike posner, took on his journey was a climb.

"there i something gorgeous underneath the pain."

He experienced a physical áand emotional battle of wills.

There's not one morning that my alarm goes off, 4am, did my body go, "get up an walk, dude!"

Zer times!

// you go do somethin' hard and you finish it, no matter what, you're gonna find some beauty in yourself.

What do you find?

That i'm a tough son of a gun.

"life hit me i the face, but i didn't run."

Not even a rattlesnake bite...miles from the nearest town in colorado could keep him down.

That venom, that poison, started to go through my body and remember the end of looney tunes, the circle gets smaller and they say, "that' all, folks" six days in the hospital and two weeks of rehab... somehow posner stayed positive through it all.

That day was fun, man.

I rode in a helicopter.

They put me in the icu, nice air conditioning and a nice bed.

Picking up where he left off, posner...ákept goingá and ákept growingá...his soul leading the way.

"no drugs, an no alcohol, because i'm high as it is."

No drugs...that's a shift from his monster hit released in 2015.

"i took a pill i ibiza, to show avicii was cool" i wanted everybody to think i was cool, you know.

I still have to battle with that, you know.

// "doe everybody like me?"

It's like "dude, it doesn' matter, if i want to move on..

His collaborator, avicii, took his own life last year.

Posner also lost his father to cancer and friend mac miller to a drug overdose.

Coping with depression and grief, pushed him to get his life on a better path.

What do you think the biggest lesson is that you learned along the way?

Not to be a coward.

I wanna become somebody i'm actually proud of.

That's why i went on this walk.

// if somebody said, "who inspire you?

Who's your hero," i wanna b able to look 'em in the eye and say, "me.

I'm m hero."

"look what i'v become, look what i've become.."

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When we return, a rare look at the snow leopard.

Mid morning will be right on abo only about four thousand snow leopards are left in the wild, meaning they are considered a "vulnerabl species."

They roam across central asia where climate change and poaching further threatens their survival.

Most countries do not actively protect these big cats.

A program in the remote mountains of russia and mongolia is trying to save the álocalá species.

And, it's working.

Elizabeth palmer visited the area to give us a árareá look.

In the remote altai mountains of southern siberia &..three decades of hunting and poaching had almost wiped out the snow leopard.

In the village of djazator, we found boris markov&a former poacher& back in the day, just one pelt was worth a car.

Our journey deep into the russia' sailugemsky national park took us off road&..

And on horseback - &.to meet park biologist and researcher alexei kuzhlekov&..

He's part ofan innovative program to bring the leopards back& &.by shooting them&with motion- triggered cameras hidden over the wilderness&.

The results are astounding& intimate shots of animals so shy - they do anything to avoid humans& even alexei has only a snow leopard once&.though there's not much he doesn't know about snow leopards& &like the way they scratch to mark territory& liz: just like domestic cats!

And here's one caught on camera&doing just that.

Sergei keberyekov is another ex poacher&.

And he's still got one of the lethal wire traps used by locals.& but sergei's changed sides&..& he is just one several former hunters getting a salary through the world wildlife fund to monitor the cameras&& liz: when you empty the camera traps do you look at the pictures?

Page 2 sergei : yes, yes!

It's so interesting.

I check right away to see if there are any cubs.

And often there are!

&female leopards can have as many as four in a litter.

Alexei says paying former hunters and poachers a salary is key&but there's also been a sea- change in attitude.

L: did everyone in the village want to see the photos when you got the first ones?

A: they lined up to see them.

People who had lived here all their lives and had never seen a snow leopard now know how beautiful they are.

Back at the national park headquarters alexei showed us more pictures& &from 120 cameras that have been snapping away&.night&.

&.and day&for five years.

Of course, he has his favourites&.

Bjut he knows every single animal by its unique pattern of spots& liz: this is not only a treasure trove for scientists& & but thanks in part to the photo- surveillance&po aching has virtually stopped.

And theres very good news&.in just five years - the population of the local altai snow leopards sub species has roughly doubled&.

45 so far&.and counting.

For cbs this morning, i'm ep altai, siberia we'll be right back to wrap things at a mor that and more on the next midmorning.

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