Trump Campaign Settles On 2020 'Message'
Trump Campaign Settles On 2020 'Message'

During the World Series Wednesday, President Donald Trump's campaign launched a seven-figure national ad buy.

It was a 30-second commercial touting his first-term accomplishments on terrorism, the economy and immigration.

He's no Mr. Nice Guy.

But sometimes it takes a Donald Trump to change Washington.

President Donald Trump 2020 Campaign Ad According to CNN, that's how Trump will be positioned in the race for a second term next November.

The campaign understands how poorly the President is perceived on a bevy of personality traits.

He's not seen as friendly.

Or kind.

Or empathetic.

But he doesn't care whether anyone likes him.

Who only cares about results.

In a bumper sticker, the campaign messaging goes like this: Yes, he's a jerk.

But he's a jerk who gets results!