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Friday, January 22, 2021

Overtime, Nov. 9 Pt. 2

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Overtime, Nov. 9 Pt. 2
Overtime, Nov. 9 Pt. 2
Rick and Angela have the week's high school football highlights.

Oak ridge and soddy daisy must feel like alabama and clemson.

It seems they meet every year in the playoffs.

Tonight marks the fifth time the two schools have clashed in the post-season since 20-14, and sadly for the trojans, they've lost the previous four match-ups.

These trojans fans are pumped for fridays matchup with oak ridge that is bound to be out of this world early in the first mitcell gibbons goes for the shovel pass and fumbles the toss and soddy daisy's jalen render scoops it up and takes it all the way back to the house to make it 7 to 0 trojans.

The oak ridge defense steps up and flack picks off issac barnes giving oak ridge terrific field position the next play tyrell romano takes the hand off and fights his way in for 6, p a t is no good so it 7 to 6 trojans with oak ridge down 10-6 in the second gibbons takes it in himself to make it 13 to 10 oak ridge oak ridge would close out the half with a pick from preston turner soddy daisy falls to oak ridge by a final of 40 to 23.

Walker valley trying to keep the postseason alive up at knox west.

== that's going to be hard to do with the rebels marching all over the place.

Running back john cupp comes out of the wildcat for the score.

7-0 west.

== mustangs can't get anywhere.

West defense gobbles up the screen pass to receiver daniel denton.

=== rebels back on offense, quarterback airs it up to grant tierney..

Touchdown rebels... === west wins 45-7 marion co trousdale co signal mountain upperman east ridge elizabethton howard greeneville farragut trailed bradley central by 13 points at halftime during the week one matchup.

However, the admirals came back to give the bears the first loss of the season.

Now, bradley's up in farragut's territory for the first round of the playoffs friday night.

No comeback needed this time around.

Farragut up -- 35-7 in the 2nd quarter!!!

And lookin' for more!!

Receiver isaiah arrington 75- yards to the house!!

It's 42-7 == bradley quarterback javin burke, goes deep to kanon bradley quarterback javin burke, goes deep to kanon hall... he'll take care of the rest -- weaving his way to the endzone for a long score... still a big farragut lead... == the admirals add to it here..

Dawson moore, to zach keasling... a couple sophomores, makin' it happen... again -- no comeback necessary... farragut runs over bradley central... 56-21... elsewhere tyner entertained westmoreland.

Westmoreland with the ball not sure exactly what happened.

But tyner winds up with the football.

Rashun evans has it with nothing in his way!!!!

Evans scoring the first touch down of the night.

Tyner leads it 7 to 0 later for the rams. jeremiah perkins shakes free and scores.

14-0 ram.

Westmoreland needs a big play to catch up.

They look deep, but when their receiver falls down, kameron to catch up.

They look deep, but when their receiver falls down, kameron dozier has an interception.

He takes across the field.

Long return.

Long night for westmoreland., final score of the night tyner 54 to 0 grace usj murray co haralson co whitefiled academy christian heritage dalton osborne its the first night of high school football playoffs in tennessee, with their seasons on the line the fans braved the cold for their team.

Lets see if you made this weeks smile fan cam still ahead, ridgeland, heritage, and northwest whitfield fight for a region title.

And l-f-o tries to earn a playoff spot by upsetting calhoun.

In georgia, we had a dog fight fo the class


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