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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 13, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 13, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - November 13, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents 15-19 years old.

We talk with pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson about the warning signs for severe depression in your children.

And a unique therapy program in California is helping veterans suffering from PTSD manage their symptoms. And godfather of punk Iggy Punk opens up about his life and his latest album.

Cbs news."

Alntlte mental health and children.

We're talking about it just ahead.

And, a unique approach to treating tpsd.

Plus, iggy pop opens up his music and his life.

Midmorning starts right now.

According the centers for disease control and prevention, the second leading causes of deaths among adolescents aged 15-19 is suicide--that's behind accidents.

Some underlying issues could be depression and other mental health issues.

How do you recognize these problems in chchildren?

What do you do.

Let's talk to our pediatrician dr. keith watson about it.

It was once thought that children were not subject to these mental illnesses because children had not yet developed the ability to feel hopeless and helpless about the future.

Now widely acknowledged that children are susceptible not only to major depression and bipolar disease but also to anxiety disorders, phobias, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Recent studies have highlighted the acute and long-term effects of bullying on children treatment must be appropriate for use in the pediatric age range .

... is v is very real and it is very common in teenagers in the adolescent and unfortunately i do see a pretty regular basis the first thing is trying the severity house superiors this is going to bed is obviously the level of recital thought and you will mediate is not to the senate with about ... the very ... amendment is prolonged ... can't deal with their pastor comes to us what's going on users and on the is a shin helps in some time ... maybe medicine may work with us medicine as a band-aid to cover the fear of and getting to the bottom of the problem ... you want to feel like we can fix the problems for children we can fix but whining about it early health plans can't accept your pediatrician me i can't accept the person that suffers from it is the only one that can fix it but they need help picay typically described as a child he is persistent anger for no apparent reason throughout the day for multiple weeks time with his in many cases it has to be treated for something here i think is to let people know like being as severe as bipolar symptoms but stress anxiety depression and staying locked away doing things that are not natural for long periods of time talk to her pediatrician about it teenager the cost lease like that conversation gets to you hopefully that pointhelping veterans deal with ptsd.

We show you a unique program using rescued sea lions when we come back.

A lis wh sea lions who've been hurt in the wild are helping veterans deal with post traumatic stress disorder.

It's part of a unique program in southern california.

Up to 20 percent of veterans returning from recent tours overseas have p- t- s- d-, according to the department of veterans affairs.

Carter evans shows us how the veterans and marine animals are helping each other.

Natsot -sea lions barking, going wild feeding time can create a frenzy!

Natsot- more barking/splashin g/ "just tos them their food.

There you go" all of the animals were rescued along orange county's coastline and brought here to the pacific marine mammal center.

Some sea lions are sick..some injured.

Natsot - "so pu that right up here.

Crinkle came to us with a broken flipper" colby hollabaugh, a former marine, leads the "se lions for service members" course.

He's been diagnosed with ptsd.

And that's helped him empathize with wounded animals like this sea lion named "zion.

Zion was very badly entangled, and pinned down against a buoy.// i saw a lot of me in zion.

Zion thought he was doin' just fine, he was gonna figure it all out on his own, right?

It's not until someone helps you that you realize how badly you need the help natsot - "look at him go oh my gosh!

Veterans lisa stein and erika diotalevi discovered the program while searching for help for ptsd.

A lotta time when you get out, especially if you have ptsd, you're lost.

You're nervous in crowds.

You have nightmares.

You can't talk to anybody.

It's a lot like these animals.

They have no voice.

Natsot - female vets scrubbing down the decks around the pool pens like the military, not all the work here is glamorous&but these vets agree caring for the animals has a calming effect.

Natsot - awwww it clears your mind, 'cause all you're doing is thinking of looking at their eyes and whiskers and little flippers.

Focusing on their behavior and kind of almost calming it was to see them.

And it's just like, okay, you're animals and non- judgmental the marine mammal center has rescued more than 180 animals this year.

Some require surgery.

Natsot - surgery "you're going t clamp off the tube and pull it right out."

Veteran naomi prazak watched as a critically ill seal was tube fed.

Seeing an animal fighting for life triggered memories.

Everybody was scared.// i know for me, it was my emotions, i couldn't control my emotions at all.

And i felt like i was really weak.

But each found strength working alongside other veterans...and bonds formed...just like the sea lions.

It was life- changing.

What is it about putting veterans together, it seems to create something special that they can feel like a team again, and they can feel like they're doing something positive.

Natsot - "that was s much fun."

"it incredible, isn't it."

"so swee they can look at the animals, they can look in their eyes, and they can understand that the animal has struggled too.

And the animal isn't weak, it's not broken because it need help.

When the animals recover, the vets are invited to witness their return home.

And like battle buddies in the military, they're released with a friend to help them find their way.

It was very emotional.

Because they were onto another chapter, and it felt like that was like what i was dealing with.

Onto another chapter.

Quick natsot - sea lion release it's just like you learn in the military.

Sometimes you're gonna have to crawl along under the barbed wire.

And that's just what you have to do until you find yourself getting that stride of service back.

It's a new mission for these veterans..helpin g sea life to heal, and maybe healing their own invisible scars along the way.

Carter evans, laguna beach california.

For re t for more than 50 years, iggy pop has cemented his status as the godfather of punk.

The iconic rocker is best known for his wild and often unpredictable on- stage antics.

The rock legend is back, with his 18th solo album, "free" a thoughts on his life in the music business.

Nat sot: well i'm just a modern guy narr: iggy pop has always been a primal performer.

An artist who literally bled for his audience.

Nat sot: lust for life it was iggy who invented the stage dive.

At 72, he has finally stopped iggy: "i haven' stage dived all year."

Mason: "yo haven't stage dived all year?"

Iggy: "no.

I did 1 gigs.

I worked the front.

I'll get in their faces.

But i can't do it anymore.

I did it up though last year.

And if i do it now, something's liable to detach itself."

Narr: his last album, post pop depression, released in 2016, was his first to crack the top 20 on the pop charts mason: "how di that feel?"

Iggy: "sorta lik okay."

Mason: "don that."

Iggy: "yeah exactly.

It was yeah, okay, 'for those of you that didn't think...'

Took care of that.

And that's great, but you don't have to do that every time."

Nat sot: "sh wants to be your james bond."

Narr: this time, for his 18th solo album, "free, iggy is crooning over a jazzier groove: nat: iggy: "my skill are better that they were 20 years ago.

I can handle a tune now.

And i wanted to do that."

Iggy: iggy made his name in the late sixties, as the howling frontman for detroit punk pioneers, the stooges.

He remembers trying to explain his singing to a girlfriend's father: iggy: "she ha told him i was a vocalist.

He said, 'well, you must sound like neil diamond.

This is in 1969.

You know, i didn't wanna be neil diamond.

Although i recognized his quality, you know?

And i said, 'well, no sir, i don't - i don't sound like neil diamond."

//"now feel i could cover neil diamond if i wanted to."

Narr: iggy is the alter ego of james osterberg, jr.... who has been married since 2008 to nina alu: mason: "she said ' couldn't live with iggy pop, but i can live with jim."

Iggy: "well that's true."

Mason: "are the two very different people?"

Iggy: "they should be put it that way."

Narr: jimmy osterberg grew up in trailer park in ypsilanti, michigan mason : "these are you folks."

Iggy: 'this my father, james osterberg, sr., my namesake.

And this is louella, my mother."

Narr: jimmy was voted most likely to succeed in high school.

But when music became his passion, his father, an english teacher, didn't approve: iggy: "it seeme like / a head in the clouds dream to him.

But at the end of his life, he - he took my hand and - told me that i made my dream come true."

Mason: "he did?

Iggy: "yeah.

Yeah he was a great man."

Mason: "what di it mean to hear your dad say that at the end?"

Iggy: "i wa shocked at his generosity."

//" was trying to square things with me a little bit, you know?

He also told me, 'you were right about vietnam.'" nat sot: the stooges "1969" "well, its 1969 okay" narr: this summer marked the 50th anniversary of the stooges debut album.

But iggy, the last surviving member, saw no reason to celebrate: mason: "yo turned down a chance to do a tribute at madison square garden."

Iggy: "yea that would have turned into such a - such a hype fest.

// i'm not a madison square garden guy."

Narr: but he did accept a lifetime achievement award from british gq: nat sot: "ciao iggy: "there' was no speech, you know.

Just, 'thanks, thanks, ciao."

Mason: "you lik it that way."

Iggy: "i like i that way, yeah."

Narr: in a new book of his lyrics, "ti wrong feels right," igg looks back on his career iggy: "it wa really fun to do the 60s, the 70's.

By the 80s, i'm getting grumpy."

Narr: and by the 90s, he writes, he'd "become a endangered species."

Mason: "when i turns to the 20th century, you say, 'i crawled out of my dark cave and into the limelight of love and acceptance.'" iggy: "that' tongue in cheek."

Mason: "bu there's some truth to it?"

Iggy: "there's lotta truth to that."

Nat sot: "i'm passenger...."

An i ride and ride..."

Narr: he remembers a moment driving in miami, where he moved in the 90s.

Iggy: "i pulle into a gas station in my old cadillac convertible.

And i was gonna open the door to go pump gas.

And all of a sudden from two opposite directions, two cop cars come screeching up and flag me.

And i thought 'oh, shát, you know?'

And they both went, 'iggy pop!'

You know?

'man, tell us about whatever, you know?'

And i realized, 'hey, i'm in.

This is cool.'" mason "feel good."

Iggy: "yeah not everybody.

Let's not get carried away."


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