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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Pitsco Interview Pt. 3 12-3

Credit: KOAM
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Pitsco Interview Pt. 3 12-3
Pitsco Interview Pt. 3 12-3
Pitsco Interview Pt. 3 12-3

The research and development department and how all those products up its go designed in may.

>> their process within research and development you've been here 27 years i mean i can only imagine it has changed a lot but the products of change to ultimately what what goes down.

This is research and development and we do a lot of things here we do electronic design.

>> we do hardware software we do the mechanical design for our proprietary products are up its co.

We do a variety of things here.

It's always a lot of fun we get to work on a lot of different projects which is what keeps it fun, we're not doing just one thing you know day in and day out.

We're switching gears all the time to not all sorts of different things and so it's a it's a great place to be a place sort that was so you're holding a cook you have in your hand in the development process of that how long did it take from start to finish.

>> yeah, this is an idea that came out of one of our ideation some rain which was back in the spring of this year.

And i'm so of the project kicked off probably around some sometime around in march.

And we started with just developing some some an outline of what we felt like the was going to look like ultimately.

We started down the path of prototyping iterating and things like that.

We had the first prototype done probably in a month or a couple months time which we then sent out to some local teachers and students to get the feedback.

And so a lot to do that a lot and that's that's one very very important part of our job.

We have a lot of ability or up its go to design products.

Ultimately if they don't work for teachers and students in the classroom then we've really failed to do our job so the success of the product in the classroom is the ultimate measure measure of what we do so really quickly.

What is one piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs at home are people who are trying to tinker with an idea or to see if there's legs to something that popped in their brain what.

>> what do you tell.

Well it's unbelievable to me what young people have as far as accessibility took to technology these days being a maker of the wire.

You know back when i was young there was a 3 d printers that wasn't rapid prototyping and things like that so anybody that has an idea now really can quickly.

Prototype and test and things like that so my advice would be to learn all you can about the technology out there learn how to code learn how to use 3 d printers learn learn cad cam learn all you can about the areas of technology because if you had you if you have an idea the more you know about developing an idea hey, you know you can do it anybody can


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